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Interview with Alex Goot and Against The Current

Amy Lau

Wed Sep 17 2014


YOUTUBE musicians, Alex Goot and Against the Current, recently toured Australia performing in Sydney and Melbourne. Amy Lau caught up with the American musicians and talked about Melbourne, their hobbies and their tour.

Fresh off the Southeast Asian leg of their tour, acclaimed YouTube singer-songwriters Alex Goot and Against The Current touched down for the first time on Australian shores.

Three piece band, Against the Current – made up of front-woman Chrissy Costanza, drummer Will Ferri and guitarist Dan Gow – have been touring with Alex since the middle of August and were keen to put on a stellar show at their last stop in Melbourne.

We managed to catch up with them briefly to discuss their tour, Melbourne coffee, and their hobbies outside music.


Chrissy of Against the Current performing on stage. Photo: Rachel Gan

Hey guys, welcome to Melbourne! How are you guys finding the Australian leg of the tour so far?

Alex: Feels really homey. After the Asian leg of the tour, it feels comfortable to be back around English speakers.
Chrissy: Yeah, it’s really nice being back in the city. The weather change was definitely a shock. I didn’t realise it was so cold here but it’s been really nice. Everyone was really cool at the Sydney show too – super nice and easy to talk to!
Alex: I like that everyone is so tall. (Laughs)

Have you guys had a chance to enjoy Melbourne’s coffee?

(Chorus of “YES!”)
Will: We’ve had A LOT of coffee.
Chrissy: Dan, Will and I went to a café yesterday to learn how to do coffee art and it was really cool.
Will: They actually served one of the ones that Dan made.
Chrissy: Dan made a good one! But yeah, I had the best latte that I’ve ever had.

Alex Goot performs for the Melbourne crowd. Photo: Rachel Gan

Alex Goot and his band perform for the Melbourne crowd. Photo: Rachel Gan

It’s been a few months since your Infinity EP has come out. Does ATC have any plans to release a full album?

Will: Actually, when we get home, we’re going to be work on another release. It may be an EP, or it could be a little longer. Expect some new music soon!
Chrissy: Yeah, probably an EP soon and maybe an album next year!

How did you guys start collaborating?

Alex: It was mainly through mutual friends who introduced us.
Chrissy: We had the same management, and we actually had no intention of getting involved in the YouTube scene. We didn’t even know about it that well. We were just getting ready to release our first song and our manager, who also manages Alex, suggested we should release a cover collaboration – it would be a good way to get some exposure before the song comes out. And that’s what we did and it went really well!


Photo: Rachel Gan

Dream collaboration?

Alex: Katy Perry!
Chrissy: What, you keep stealing mine. That’s mine!
Alex: Nope, she’s mine.

What are the pros and cons of being a YouTube artist?

Alex: There are a lot of disadvantages with the YouTube stigma, because no one wants to be known as just a cover band. It’s all about the original music.
Chrissy: I feel that most YouTubers start out doing covers and that’s what they do best, and they start doing original music once they have the following and ability to do so. With us, we were writing music as a band for a year before getting onto YouTube.

Which song has been getting the best reception on this tour?

Alex: Definitely ‘Lightning’. It’s a song that’s been around for quite a while, long enough so that people know it.
Will: Well, for us, ‘Infinity’ always gets a really good response. Pretty much all our original songs have been received well. Everyone seems to know the words, it’s crazy!
Dan: I think ‘Another You (Another Way)’ really gets the crowd going. They seem to really enjoy it.
Chrissy:Another You (Another Way)’ is my favourite song to play live but it’s also the most exhausting, which is why I’m glad it’s the last song. As soon as that song is over I just want to collapse!

What are you currently listening to on your iPod?

Dan: State Champs. They’re actually here in Melbourne right now and we’re going to see them tomorrow.
Chrissy: Same. Listening to State Champs as well and loving them!
Alex: Currently, That Thing You Do‘s soundtrack, ‘Mr. Downtown’ is always a hit. And Captain Geech & The Shrimp Shack Shooters.

Photo: Rachel Gan

Photo: Rachel Gan

What are your hobbies outside of music?

Chrissy: I can answer for both Will and Dan! Will, when he’s not making music… he’s making more music.
Dan: Making “other music”.
Chrissy: Will plays video games and makes computers.

What’s next after this tour?

Dan: We’ve got a lot going on.
Chrissy: Yeah, we’re recording a new EP once we get back.
Will: We’re going up to LA for a couple weeks break, then back to recording. Then we go out on a full US Canada tour with The Ready Set and Metro Station, and we’re going to the UK in December.
Alex: Going home to take a permanent vacation! We’ll see what comes up, but no plans for now.

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