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Students vote their top 10 free iPad games

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Wed Sep 10 2014


WHAT are your go-to games on the iPad? Omar Aldhanhani and Vanessa Tunggal survey their peers at Trinity College Foundation Studies and share their top 10 list of games you can play on the iPad, for free! 


Smartphones, tablets and laptops are essential items in the satchels of most students today. But beyond work, these same gadgets are also the source of much fun and entertainment.

For students at Trinity College Foundation Studies in particular, iPads are part of everyday teaching and learning in the classroom, so we thought we’d ask students what games they played to unwind.

Here’s their top 10 list:

1: 2048


Photo: iTunes Store

In a poll that would probably make the day of mathematics lecturers and tutors everywhere, the most popular iPad game at Trinity College appears to be 2048. The game is simple, but addictive. Swipe to move all the tiles, and when two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one. Keep going till you get to the 2048 tile.

2: Angry Birds

This may come as no surprise, but the app that has long dominated the charts remains a top favourite for students at Trinity. Propel the Angry Birds from a slingshot and take revenge on the green pigs who stole the Birds’ eggs.

3: Piano Tiles


Photo: iTunes Store

Popular app Piano Tiles requires the player to touch as many lit piano pads as possible. To make things more challenging, you can make the music go faster, give yourself a time limit, or simply keep going when you choose the “endless” mode.

Trinity student Rochella finds the game simple and easy, and the music helpful for unwinding.

4: Candy Crush

Candy Crush has been known to be responsible for hours of procrastination – so be warned! It is based on colour-matching – the more colours you match, the higher the score you’ll obtain.

The game is a favourite for Trinity’s self-professed sweet-tooth Ha, who says she often plays this game with her family as it makes her feel “happy and relaxed”.

5: Quiz up


Photo: iTunes Store

If you love trivia, Quiz Up is the game for you. You’ll find more than 300,000 questions spanning 500 topics ranging from ancient history to popular culture. Plus you can compete with other people around the world!

Trinity student Jin likes playing Quiz Up as she feels it tests her knowledge on a specific topic, and her confidence builds as she wins.

6: Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is all about strategy, tactics, and challenging your enemy’s clan. The aim is to build your village, train your troops, and battle with others worldwide.

As you keep climbing the ranks, your quest only ends when your clan outranks every other clan out there.

7: Lumosity


Photo: iTunes Store

Like an intelligence test, this game has a set of mini games which focuses on intelligence in relation to attention, memory, flexibility, speed and problem solving.

Trinity student Tina recommends this game as it is both engaging and fun.

8: Cookie Run


Photo: iTunes Store

The “Ginger Bread Man” from Shrek The Movie runs for its life! As the name of the game suggests, the aim is to run and save the “Cookie” from the bad witch. It’s cuteness overload.

9: Hay Day


Photo: iTunes Store

Want a taste of farm life? Students at Trinity have been having a ball with this game – harvesting wheat, gathering fruit, trading crops, and fulfilling orders. All in a day’s work for the farming utopia that is Hay Day.

10: Farm Story


Photo: iTunes Store

This game is similar to Hay Day, but requires a little more effort and time to build up your farm because you have to find resources to keep everything running!

What games do you play on the iPad or iPhone to unwind? Share with us in the comments section below.