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Summer street fashion in Melbourne

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Thu Nov 27 2014


WITH summer right around the corner, it’s time to change up that wardrobe and adapt to the incoming Australian heat. Trinity College Foundation Studies students, Albert Lo, Justeen Tsai and Ranee Chow took to the streets to see what people are wearing for the coming season.

During winter and spring, thick and warm clothing is usually preferred – informing a unique style for each season. After the warmth of the spring season, Melbourne is soon expected to be heating up, which means an entirely different wardrobe will be coming to play.

We take a look at what people are wearing on the street to prepare for the heat and get their opinion on their outfit of the day.


Name: David
Age: 20
Location: Bourke Street

We spotted David on Bourke Street, sitting beside the tram stop as he was waiting to meet up with his friend to shop. He says his ideal summer outfit includes “short jeans and baseball cap – all top choices for this summer.”

From head to toe:

Hat: NEW ERA x SQUAD signed by an LA baseball team
Top: Polo Ralph Lauren
Bottom: Top Shop Man
Shoes: Vans
Bag: Adidas

streetfashion-david2Name: David
Age: 21
Location: Swanston Street

Compared to the other David, this one chooses a more sporty outfit for summer – a great option for those who just want to chill out and enjoy the sun.

From head to toe:

Top: Zara
Bottom: Adidas
Shoes: Puma
Watch: G-Shock


Name: Sophie
Age: 18
Location: State Library of Victoria

Sophie’s choice for an ideal hot afternoon is being able to “relax and chill at a cool place with friends”.

From head to toe:

Top: H&M
Hat: Onnel
Pants: A market


Name: Robin
Age: 23
Location: Swanston Street

During a sunny and warm afternoon, Robin was chilling with his friends in the city sporting this casual but neat outfit. “A tank top is definitely the best choice for a hot summer in Melbourne.”

From head to toe:

Top: H&M
Bottom: Armani
Shoes: Nike
Watch: G-Shock


Name: Alice
Age: 22
Location: Bourke Street

Without much to comment on her summer outfit, Alice was content with what she had on. “I’m hanging out with friends in this outfit.”

From head to toe:

Dress: Target
Ribbon: Princess Highway
Earrings: Lovisa
Shoes: ASOS


Name: Rubie
Age: 22
Location: Russell Street

When asked about why she liked the outfit she wore, Rubie said “it was just a feeling.”

Dress: Vintage brand in London
Handbag: Prada
Shoes: ASOS


Name: Courtney
Age: 25
Location: Russell Street

Courtney didn’t decide long and hard on her outfit. “It was the first thing I saw in the closet.”

Dress: Hand-made
Shoes: TOMS

This story was produced by media and communication students at Trinity College Foundation Studies as part of Meld’s community newsroom collab. Education institutions, student clubs/societies and community groups interested in being involved can get in touch us via