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Dare to be different: Unusual sporting activities to try out

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Tue Dec 23 2014


LOOKING for an extra dash of adrenalin in your life? Trinity College Foundation Studies students James Kwok, Peggy Liu Peiqi and Asmita Fardina took part in some unusual sporting activities you can try here in Melbourne!


If you’re desperate to break the monotonous routine cycle of life, we’re here to recommend a few things you can participate to help add that much needed sense of excitement in your life!

After we tried out some of these unusual sporting activities, we’re quite confident you’ll feel as pumped as we were after accomplishing them!

Indoor Go-Karting (Unusual!)
Auscarts Racing (50 Salmon St, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207)


Photo: James Kwok

Indoor go-kart racing at Auscarts Racing will appeal to those who want to do drive around without having to be underneath a scorching summer sun.

Auscarts Racing is a fully air-conditioned site a range of facilities including a huge party lounge with catering services.

We sent James down to try out the indoor go-karting experience offered on site and he was buzzing about what he had taken part in.

“The facilities are fantastic. It is best to have friends accompany you as you all fly around the track in top speed, then afterwards chill out in the lounge after an exciting and safe race. What an experience!”

For more information on Auscarts Racing including price packages for driving and booking group packages, visit their official website. 

Beach Tennis (Very Unusual!)
Port Melbourne Beach (in front of Spirit of Tasmania)

Beach volleyball is a traditional sport on the summer sand but did you know that you could also be playing tennis on the beach as well?

With the same sun and the same beach, you could enjoy a round of tennis and get the same fill of adrenalin as you would if you were playing tennis on the court.

Asmita tried out this unusual sporting venture and had some interesting thoughts about it.

“There’s definitely no other interesting combo of the beach and sport than this one. The best part is that you don’t have to carry anything – everything is available for hire. Just take a couple of friends along and you’ll find that time will pass by and you’ll want to go again every afternoon.”

More information on this activity, including price packages, competitive tournaments and equipment hiring can be found at the sport’s official webpage.

Rap Jumping (Very, VERY Unusual)
334 City Rd, Southbank

Want to try something extremely daring and adventurous? Well then, this is surely a must.

Scaling down a six-storied building in Southbank, you’ll need a huge rush of extreme energy to complete the challenge and overcome any phobia of heights!

Peggy gave the activity a try and found her adventurous side.

“The building is a basic six-storied building but when you are on the top, you feel like its [a lot higher than it actually is] and a [feeling] of height phobia instantly kicks in. My legs were shaking in the first attempt, but I ended up trying it three more times!”

While the activity is quite expensive (normally $79), Peggy used a Groupon voucher that set her back $59 and gave her the chance to complete three attempts!

For more information on how this activity, including booking a rap jumping session and how to get there, refer to the official website