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What’s inside a Trinity College students’ bag?

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Thu Dec 04 2014


CURIOUS to know what Trinity College students might be putting inside their bags? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Nicole Wong, Hanna Sy and Lois Lin find out what their fellow students bring with them to school. 


Have you ever wondered what your friends keep in their school bags and wanted to peek inside to find out? Wonder no more as we asked Trinity College Foundation Studies (TCFS) students – specifically two girls and two guys – to show us what they kept in their school bags.

The Girls

Girls are often thought to bring a lot of random bits and pieces with them in their bags. But after having a look inside, we discovered that girls really don’t bring as many items with them as one might think.


Photo: Hanna Sy


Photo: Hanna Sy


Photo: Hanna Sy


Photo: Hanna Sy

The Guys

On the other hand, most guys are usually assumed to not bring that many items with them to school. But in fact, they actually bring quite a number of items with them as well.


Photo: Hanna Sy


Photo: Hanna Sy


Photo: Hanna Sy


Photo: Hanna Sy

Top Five Essential Items


After taking a peek inside the bags of these students, we found out there were a number of similar things each student tends to have with them. The top five things we found in these students’ bags included:

Phone with Power Bank/Charger – To help stay in touch with family & friends by always having an extra battery around just in case you run out.

iPad – As a TCFS student, you need an iPad during class to be able to do your schoolwork. Most schools are also slowly shifting towards using iPads and other similar tablet devices nowadays.

Wallet – To keep your student ID, other IDs, Myki card, bank cards, insurance card and cash all in one place.

Notebooks – To take down notes during class. Many students still prefer writing notes down on paper than typing on iPads and laptops.

Pencil case and pens – We recommend you having different colored pens to make your notes more colorful and attractive.

Meanwhile, other essentials we found in students bags included:

Water bottle – To keep you hydrated throughout the day. Especially when you have to walk from one building to another for your classes.

House Keys – You wouldn’t want to be locked out of your own house, would you?

Earphones – Everyone needs to de-stress and relax every once in a while. Listening to music or watching videos in between classes is often the perfect solution.