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A YOLO way to finish 2014 and make 2015 a full-filling year

Staff writers

Thu Dec 04 2014


WHERE did 2014 go? As we count down to the year’s end, Gabriella Ariffin draws from Lonely Planet’s new book You Only Live Once for ways to make the most of what time we’ve got left this 2014 and inspiration to make 2015 a full-filling year. 


Lonely Planet has released a brand new book to help those of us inclined to while away the hours doing everything and nothing.

Aptly titled You Only Live Once, the book contains more than 500 ideas on how you can seize the day and supercharge your life, no matter how much, or how little time you have.

The 366-page full-colour tome is divided into five chapters and suggested experiences if you have only an hour to spare, a day, a week, a month, and for those lucky enough – a year to live life to the full.

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Here are some of our top picks from the book to end 2014 with a flourish and to-do’s to pencil in for 2015:

1. Set aside an hour and open your ears!

Book tickets to a live performance that really makes you feel alive. There’s plenty of time yet before the year is up!

2. Set aside a day and face your fear.

Take a short course to tackle your fear of public speaking, and fight your fear of heights by learning rock climbing. Finish your year with a sense of triumph!

3. Set aside a week to mend a broken heart.

If you’re still reeling from a relationship that has gone sour, now is as good a time as any to pick up the pieces and prepare to turn the page on a new chapter come 2015. Take on a new hobby or turn a negative into a positive by doing something worthwhile such as volunteering to give you a much-needed switch in focus.

4. Set aside a month (or more) and prepare to take part in a long-distance run. 

Here’s one for character building in 2015. Events you can take part in in Melbourne include Run for the Kids and the Color Run in March, the Oxfam Trailwalker in April,  Go the Extra Mile and the Electric Run in May and more.

5. Set aside a year and learn a new language.

You might not be able to take a year off to travel the world, but learning a new language is definitely achievable as a year-long pursuit. Not only can it help break down barriers and connect with a culture like never before, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go through a whole movie without having to use the subtitles?

Interestedin getting a copy of this book? You Only Live Once retails for AUD $39.99 and can be purchased via the Lonely Planet Shop online.