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Summer adventures abound for various enthusiasts

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Tue Dec 09 2014


DIFFERENT people like to celebrate summer in different ways. Trinity College Foundation Studies students To Mai Luong, Gabriella Agata and Rachel Yam pick out the must-dos for adventurists, photographers and beach-dwellers! 

Looking to escape the summer heat? As summer inches closer, here are some easily-accessible cool spots – literally and figuratively speaking – that you need to check out; be it for adventure, photography, or just to chill out.

Adventure Enthusiasts – Enchanted Adventure Garden

Calling all adventure lovers! The Enchanted Adventure Garden might be a bit off the beaten track but is well worth the travel. Filled withh thrilling attractions including a 3D Maze, tube slide and tree zip lines, you’re sure to forget about the scorching heat out there as you immerse yourself around the cool and lush surroundings!

In the 3D Maze, tunnels move and there are secret chambers all around making escape all the more difficult. The tube slide offers the exhiliration of a snow-free ski run at Australia’s largest tube sliding attraction. And for an additional $10, visitors will also be able to glide amongst the canopy of trees in their tree zip line courses.

To get there by public transport, take the Frankston line from Flinders Street Station all the way to Frankston Station. This is followed by a bus ride from the 788 Portsea Passenger Bus via Mornigton. You will need to alight at Dromana Visitor Information Centre (this is an hour-long trip). The exact address is 55 Purves Road, Arthurs Seat, VIC 3936.

Entry is $29 for adults and $19 for anyone who is 17 and younger. The venue is open from 10.00am – 6.00pm daily.

Image supplied.

Traverse across the suspended rope bridges up in the trees at the Enchanted Adventure Garden. Image supplied.

Fun fact: Mazes have an ancient history that date back thousands of years ago, when the royals used it as a private meeting place with lovers. It also served as a way to deter outsiders from entering private estates!

More on the Enchanted Adventure Garden can be found at their official website.

Photographers – Princes Pier

Tired of the same old boring scenery all around the city? Why not capture the breathtaking view at Princes Pier in Port Melbourne and be hailed as the next Annie Leibovitz?

Photographers will find much to be inspired by at one of Melbourne’s historically rich areas. Opened in 1915, its rich heritage is reflected in the forest of timber piles that have aged over the years.

To get to Princes Pier, take the 35, 70 or 75 tram up to 1 Spencer Street. Get out and walk towards Batman Park and board the 109  tram to 128 Graham Street. Get out and walk for another five minutes before reaching the destination (from the city, the trip is roughly 22 minutes in total)

Fun fact: This pier has played a critical role in trade, wartime and migration. It can hold even the largest of steamers and mail ships. Closed in 1989, it has only recently been launched to the public in December 2011 and continues to attract photographers from all walks of life.

Summer-Goers – Brighton Beach

When you think of summer, naturally you think of the beach! Take a break and bask in the summer sun at Brighton Beach, famous for being one of the most beautiful beaches in Melbourne.

The sweep of colourful bathing boxes lining the beach stand out against the clear blue skies, especially in summer. Be it sunbathing or swimming, you are sure to have a ball of a time at one of Melbourne’s liveliest summer attractions this season!


Evening at Brighton Beach. Photo: Rachel Yam

To get to Brighton Beach, take a train 22 minute train ride from Flinders Street Station to Brighton Beach Station via the Sandringham line.

Fun fact: Though small in size, these picturesque bath boxes are priced at about 200,000 AUD each! A remnant of a bygone era, they are a cultural and historical feature that is constantly being photographed, painted and drawn.