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Indonesian Career Expo returns for its second year

Meld Magazine

Thu May 14 2015

THE Indonesian Career Expo is being held this week and gives students a chance to meet one on one with representatives of a number of leading Indonesian companies.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of Indonesian students pursuing their education overseas. Studying overseas grants students not only the opportunity to attain a high quality tertiary education, but also the chance to thrive and excel personally as well as socially.

However, there is now a rising concern about the large number of Indonesian students who choose to work and settle overseas after finishing their studies – refusing to return to Indonesia and contribute to the improvement of their home country. In response to this concern, the Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia di Australia (PPIA) of the University of Melbourne has organised an Indonesian Career Expo (ICarE) – an event which aims to increase students’ awareness of the importance of their role in developing Indonesia.

The event will be held on May 15 and 16, with the aim of bridging the career needs of Indonesian students in Australia with the demand in Indonesia for a qualified workforce. ICarE provides a means to inform Indonesian students of career opportunities in their home country through a variety of exciting programs.

The opening of ICarE on May 15 will feature several prominent speakers from different backgrounds. Visitors will get a chance to interact and discuss with leading figures who have contributed to the development of Indonesia.

Some of the leading names in this event include former director of Garuda Indonesia Mr Emir Satar and Dr Lie Agustinus Dharmawan, the founder of doctorSHARE Foundation, an association that provides free health service for Indonesian’s living in remote communities.

The actual expo itself, held on May 16 will be hosted at the State Library of Victoria. Leading Indonesian companies will be attending to provide an opportunity for Indonesian students to gain a deeper understanding of the workforce and the availability of employment. ICarE seeks to provide equal opportunities for all Indonesian students by hosting companies from a range of industries.

Representatives from several companies will be holding seminars to provide a deeper insight into how they operate. Some companies will be conducting an interview and recruitment process for applicants who are interested in work or internships.

Indonesian students will also be given the opportunity to attend an Insight Dinner on May 16. In this semi-formal event, participants will get a chance to discuss directly with the representatives of various companies while enjoying dinner. This event will give students and industry representatives an opportunity to get to know each other better and build a deeper relationship and network – while moving toward a mutual goal: to build a better Indonesia.