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Four books to snuggle up in bed with this winter

Antonina Mtanu

Mon Jun 08 2015


STAY in bed this winter and warm up to some great reads for the season. Antonina Mtanu has her four book recommendations for you to quell those wintry nights.


No one wants to leave the warmth of their beds – let alone the house – in winter and brace the cold. But who needs to be outside when you can have plenty of entertainment indoors?

Sure, you can watch a movie or play video games but nothing beats warming up next to the heater with an amazing book. This winter, escape reality and get lost in our recommended reads for the season.


Beautiful Bastard 

Author: Christina Lauren
Get it for: $13.67 paperback from The Book Depository

Plot: With only a few months away from finishing her MBA, standing in the way of Chloe Mills is her blunt and inconsiderate, but somehow irresistible boss Bennett Ryan. Given the chance, she’d tape his mouth shut and stop all his irritating words that, against her better judgement, happen to somehow turn her on.

Thoughts: I liked the characters of Chloe and Bennett all throughout the novel, and especially enjoyed their sense of humour. In the book, both of them put up with the other’s irritating behaviours – neither were above fantasising about poisoning one another.  Seeing their vulnerability and struggle was also comforting as both begin to come to terms with the fact that they both complement each other both professionally and personally.


14th Deadly Sin

Author: James Patterson
Get it for: $9.20 on Kindle, $22.95 paperback from The Book Depository

Plot: Promising suspense and have readers quaking in their seats is the tale of Detective Lindsay Boxer. The detective is called to a gruesome crime scene where a woman has been murdered in broad daylight. It is up to Detective Boxer to uncover the identity of the cold blooded criminals responsible for these murders. To her, everyone is a suspect – even her own Women’s Murder Club.

Thoughts: Thrillers and mysteries grip the reader from the get go and James Patterson has garnered lots of attention with his works. Based on its reviews so far, I’m inclined to think that 14th Deadly Sin won’t disappoint and will keep readers clinging onto the final page.


Tunnel Vision

Author: Susan Adrian
Get it for: $10.20 Kindle, $21.47 hardback from Wordery

Plot: Jake Lukin is like a human GPS; when he holds a personal object, like a pet rock or a ring, he has the power to “tunnel” to the owner. He can sense where they are and he can see, hear, and feel what they do. But when the government finds out about his secret, his life is turned upside down. With the government after him, Jake has to do all he can to protect himself and his family.

Thoughts: I loved seeing Jake grow as a character in this book! From navigating high school, teenage love and learning to own up to his responsibilities and tell lies to keep his family safe, I found myself rooting for him through these various situations. I also liked reading how he learned to harness his powers to uncover secrets from other people.


The Banished of Muirwood 

Author: Jeff Wheeler
Get if for: $5.00 Kindle, $17.34 pre-order paperback from The Book Depository, $18.59 pre-order paperback from Wordery

Plot: Heir to the throne is the exiled Princess of Comoros Maia, disinherited and forced to live as a servant in her enemy’s home due to her father’s ceaseless need for authority.

Though women are forbidden to control magic, to survive she has to use the magic she learned in secret, battling enemies right and left, and the same powers within her threaten to steal her consciousness and her sense of right and wrong. However, now with the magical order gone, the future of her people rests on her shoulders.

Thoughts: Fantasy comes as a close second to genres that I’d lose myself in when I’ve got time and this book has promise. The struggle of the heroine as she battles herself and puts her life on the line for her people piqued my interest – I’m looking forward to reading it soon.