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Africa’s circus show, Cirque Africa to debut in Australia

Antonina Mtanu

Tue Jun 09 2015


LOVERS of Cirque du Soleil, brace yourselves for the greatest circus show from Africa. Cirque Africa is bringing its thrilling and energetic show to Australia. Antonina Mtanu has more.


Looking for some fun this winter while out and about? Discover a different side of Africa as Cirque Africa touches down in Australia to enthral audiences with its dramatic and visual show this June.

Founded, produced and directed by Winston Ruddle, aka Papa Africa the father of African Circus, the show launches in Australia on June 25 and will showcase the sights and sounds of Africa through modern circus acrobatic performances.

With combined talents of 38 versatile artists from six African countries (Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Zimbabwe) Cirque Africa creates an authentic African atmosphere through vibrant talents and delightful acts.

The show combines the visual prowess of the Beijing Circus and the technical mastery of the Moscow Circus’ repertoire, creating a unique way to celebrate the discovery of Africa through dance and song. Featuring traditional and contemporary instruments, mixed with some African flavour, it will no doubt make for a fun night out.

With performers lavished in colourful costumes you’ll see acts such as dish spinning, various balancing acts, bola foot juggling and mind-boggling contortions as percussionists beat African rhythms on drums as part of these unique forms of acrobatic feats.

Cirque Africa will be touring Australia for the next three years, bringing back Africa’s entertainment export by investing and rolling out the biggest circus production to hit Sub-Saharan Africa, with no live animals performing on the show.

The debut show starts at 7.30pm at Burnley Oval, Corner Swan St & Madden Grove, Richmond with varying times following days and months.

All acts will be backed by a live orchestral band.

For more information visit the official website for Cirque Africa.