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Four recommended fusion foods and drinks by Trinity College students

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Wed Jun 24 2015


MIX and match different recipes from different countries with these four fusion food and drink ideas from Trinity College Fondation Studies students Aiden Truong, Yi Zhen Goh and Jiayang Zhu.


Not many students have the time to cook frequently for themselves. Doing so, could turn cooking into a boring chore.

But it doesn’t have to be all bad! In fact, you can have plenty of fun in the kitchen simply by combining recipes and ingredients from different countries.

Cooking doesn’t have to be time-consuming if you know what you’re doing which is why we’ve assembled a few ingredients and ideas from different countries to make fusion food and drinks worth preparing!

Bandung Float Mountain (Singapore x Malaysia x Brunei)

Melbourne has a reputation for its changeable weather, but its summer will definitely get the best of students.

One of the best ways to cool off and forget about the hot weather is by drinking Bandung Float Mountain – a mixture of condensed milk and rose syrup combined with green tea ice-cream.


  • Sugar
  • Condensed milk
  • Rose syrup
  • Green tea ice-cream


  1. Fill up 1/3 of a glass with condensed milk, 2/3 with water, and  add two teaspoons of sugar
  2. Boil sugar and water till sugar dissolve
  3. Add some rose syrup for the colouring and taste
  4. Mix it all up.
  5. Put a scoop of green tea ice-cream on top
  6. Cool in refrigerator before serving

Smash-Up Fruits with Green Tea (Japan x China)

After a stressful day of study, all you need and crave is something to relieve the stress and give you an energy boost.

The Smash-Up Fruits drink, blended with green tea and a little taste of honey and lemon, will totally keep you awake and continually working.


  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Strawberry
  • Honey (optional)
  • Green tea


  1. Cut all the fruits into small pieces
  2. Place them inside a glass
  3. Pour hot/cold green tea in the glass
  4. Add some honey and a slice of lemon to strengthen the taste

Peanutella Spring Roll (China x Italy)

There are a variety of spring rolls available in Melbourne, but have you ever tried a spring rolls with fruits and peanut butter inside and Nutella outside? It’s quick, easy and clean to make!


  • A packet wrap of spring roll
  • An apple
  • A banana
  • Some strawberries
  • A jar of peanut butter
  • A jar of Nutella


  1. Cut bananas, strawberries and apples into small pieces.
  2. Mix all the fruits in a bowl with peanut butter.
  3. Put the fruits into the wrap of spring rolls.
  4. Fry the spring rolls in hot oil for 2-4 minutes.
  5. Take the spring rolls out and dip them in Nutella and crushed peanut.

Stir-Fried Chicken & Udon Noodles (Southeast Asian countries x Japan)

Have you ever wondered what happens when you mix Japanese food with other Asian food? The result could look a lot like this stir-fried chicken on udon noodles.

It’s a delectable fusion dish you can easily make after a long day at school. In fact, Trinity College Foundation Studies student Chuan Qi loves this dish as it is easy to prepare and tasty as well.

“I will definitely recommend this to my friends,” she said.


  • Stir-Fry Chicken Strips
  • 200g of Udon Noodles, Boiled
  • 2 tablespoons of oil
  • A clove of garlic, chopped
  • A single bunch of spring onions, sliced
  • Wedges of lime


  1. Heat a wok over medium heat and stir fry half the garlic and oil. Stir-fry the chicken strips until well browned.  Set aside.
  2. Add the remaining oil to the wok and stir-fry the spring onions for one minute.
  3. Drain the udon noodles and add to the wok along with the black sesame seeds.
  4. Stir fry for two minutes.
  5. Add the chicken to the wok again for three minutes.
  6. Serve your stir-fried chicken and udon noodles hot, along with a wedge of lime.