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Top 10 recommended snacks to have during exam time

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Tue Jun 09 2015


WITH exam season coming up, Trinity College Foundation Studies students Debbie Tam and Yelena Wang recommend their top ten snacks for study.


Photo: Yelena Wang

Are you fighting with your essays? Are you preparing for your exams? Studying can be a difficult time for students but they don’t have to be when you have good snacks to treat yourself to!

Everyone has their own personal taste in what they like to eat, but we recommend some of our favorite snacks for students to have during study.

Tim Tam

You can’t be in Australia without ever trying a Tim Tam.

Tim Tam is an Australian chocolate biscuit made by Arnott’s. It is famous in Australia and you can always find it in a supermarket. It tastes sweet and crunchy and would taste even more delicious if you dip its end into milk or tea.

Glico Pocky Green Tea Matcha Chocolate Cookies

If you like green tea, you need to try this matcha chocolate pocky. The matcha cream coating melts immediately in your mouth and would not be overly sweet. It is convenient to eat and can also keep your hands clean.

Quadratini Chocolate Wafer Cookies

These chocolate wafer cookies are definitely on our favorite list! They have a strong and nice chocolate flavour which is delicious and they also contain no artificial flavours, no colourings and no preservatives.

WantWant Seaweed Rice Crackers

WantWant Seaweed Rice Crackers are Chinese healthy snacks, which are baked not fried and cholesterol free. They are appetizing and crunchy and we recommend you try and have a cracker to help crack into your brain!

Euro Sowwaf Butter Waffle

Most people love waffles and if you’re one of them, this is a snack that you should be definitely putting on your to-try list. It has a good balance of butter and sweetness and overall is quite delicious when served with a cup of tea or milk.

Meat Floss Cake

Meat Floss Cake became very popular in China since 2013. With a crispy layer on the outside and meat floss filled on the inside, this snack is most suitable to have when you are feeling tired and hungry during study.

Pineapple cake

Pineapple cake is one of the most famous snacks in Taiwan. The most ideal pineapple cake would not be too sweet and must possess a strong pineapple flavour. With a cup of tea, you can enjoy both of them in your studying time.


Research has shown that chocolate can make people feel better so why not eat a piece of chocolate to let you feel better when you are worried about your assignments?

Matcha biscuit

Photo: Yelena Wang

Photo: Yelena Wang

Once you try this biscuit, you will love it. The outer layer has a dark chocolate flavour and the inner is made by delicious green tea. The mixture of these two flavours has a fantastic taste that is mildly sweet and a little bitter.

Walkers’s shortbread

Walkers’s shortbread is very famous in the US and you are also able to buy it in Australian supermarkets as well. Although it is made up of a lot of simple ingredients, altogether it combines to create a taste that is both slightly sweet and quite buttery.

Do you have your favourite snacks of choice for when you have to study? What are they and where can students get them? Are there snacks that you would not recommend? Share with us in the comments below!

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