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Trinity College hairstyles and where to get them in Melbourne

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Thu Jun 11 2015


WANT to know how you can get the best and trendy haircuts? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Vera Wu, Janina Chuchuca, Hazim Fadilah talk to other Trinity students about their hairstyles and where they get it done. 


We know that hair makes up quite a lot of one’s identity and how they look to other people and after checking the range of styles that students at Trinity College, have found that some students have some very unique cuts.

We spoke to some of these students with unusual styles and the most popular places to get a new look. Also, you will find the most popular places to get a new look.



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“I have [had] this style for two years. I used to have bangs but I think this style which is without bangs makes me look much more energetic.”


“I have coloured my hair for half a year and I like the colour. It is kind of a Korean style. I had bangs recently because I am too lazy to draw my eyebrows.”


“When the weather is hot, I like to braid my hair. This style is common but it makes me not that hot. And the hair won’t bother me when I am doing my homework [making me] feel comfortable all the time! ”


“Since I came to Melbourne, I saw a lot of people with colourful hair which is amazing and kind of changed my taste of hair style.”


“I wanted to try new things and kinda like the unique look.” This is a soft change that combines two different colours and is popular currently.

Where to have a haircut?

Do Hair: A Korean hair salon recommended by many students because the hairdresser can anticipate and understand what students would like out of their hair and how long or short they would like to have it cut. Moreover, it is not too expensive!

Suggar: A hair salon on Swanson St, this hair salon will set girls back $35 if they’re looking to change hairstyles. It is relatively affordable and the stylists are nice and friendly. They know a lot about hairstyles, so you don’t need to worry about whether or not you will have a expected look.

Sui: This hair salon is located on Elizabeth St and is a nice place for a cut. Although the pricing for women’s haircut at this salon is quite pricey, the results are usually quite great.

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