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Huxtaburger owner Daniel Wilson shares the art of burgers in new book

Antonina Mtanu

Thu Jul 09 2015

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EVER wanted to know how you can create your own Huxtaburger? Chef and co-owner of Huxtaburger, Daniel Wilson, chats with Antonina Mtanu and spills the sauce on his tricks of the trade. 

Auckland-born chef Daniel Wilson is certainly not shy when it comes to sharing his recipes with the world.

“Sharing is something that can inspire other people to create and have quality time with friends and family,” the chef said.

Owner of Fitzroy eatery Huxtable restaurant and the co-owner of the very popular burger brand Huxtaburger Daniel Wilson’s new cook-book The Huxtaburger Book shares with readers more than 20 recipes for burgers that they can make for themselves at home.

“Sharing is something that can inspire other people to create and have quality time with friends and family.”

Prior to establishing the Huxtaburger brand, Wilson had gained his qualification as a chef in the United States and followed that by accruing a wealth of experience working in established kitchens across Melbourne and New York. He was also named The Age’s Good Food Guide Young Chef of 2003.

“I love cooking anything and if it happens to be a burger then it should be done as well as it can be,” said Wilson.

After striking out on his own and finding success with his Fitzroy restaurant, Huxtable, Wilson produced Huxtabook; a cookbook with recipes for dishes inspired by cultures around the world. By comparison, his new book saw the chef take a different approach.

“There were certainly a lot more buns involved,” Wilson joked.


“I guess it was interesting to see how different fillings can make the same concept very different! Something for everyone!”

Sleekly designed, Wilson’s book examines the art and science that makes up the ultimate burger and as one of the owners of Melbourne’s premier burger brands, that shouldn’t be overlooked.

“I hope that people who buy the Huxtaburger book will be able to learn some tips and tricks from my philosophy of the burger,” he said.

When asked about the quality of his burger and how they remain so great despite being quite traditional in flavour and design, Wilson feels that by “doing simple things well with quality ingredients [it] will never go out of style.”

“Although the burger is steeped in tradition from the USA, it can be very versatile [and be made up of] different cultures,” he said.

The techniques outlined in the book will take your average cheeseburger to the next level with the added array of flavoursome creations like fried chicken with slaw, a tonkatsu (breaded, deep-fried pork) burger with fennel and apple slaw, a BBQ pulled pork bun with pickles and more.

“Stay true to what you love and work hard.”

When he’s not experimenting or creating new burgers or meals for his restaurants, Wilson loves “cooking any type of meat over charcoal on [his] barbeque”. He also really enjoys cooking anything that’s Southeast Asian.

For students looking to enter the culinary industry, Wilson advises students “stay true to what [they] love and work hard”.

The Huxtaburger Book is now available to purchase thanks to publisher Hardie Grant.