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Adaptable outfits: The must-have clothing items in your wardrobe

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Fri Jul 03 2015


SICK of spending money on single-use outfits and worried about the growing size of your wardrobe? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Ethel Goh, Hedy Zheng and Mocaty Huang dig deep into their wardrobe and find clothing items students can use for any occasions throughout the day.

Having a stacked wardrobe can be quite problematic as a student, especially when you wake up in the morning and peer into your closet only to wonder again what to wear.

But such decision doesn’t have to be so difficult, as one article of clothing can usually be adapted for a variety of different occasions throughout the day. If you’re short on time or don’t have the money to spend on new pieces of clothing, it’s best to work with what you have.

But what are these items and how can they be used in different ways?

The Little Black Dress


Pair a black dress with a sweater for school (left), a white shirt while you’re out and about (middle) or a lace kaftan in the evening (right). Photo: Hedy Zheng | Model: Ethel Goh

The little black dress… For many women, this one essential article of clothing manages to adapt itself to almost any situations.

This is since the versatile dress works well with almost anything. For school, the dress can be matched up with a warm sweater and a pair of velvet boots, portraying a slim look for the legs while keeping them warm on a cold day.

Outside school, perhaps during a coffee break or some shopping, your looks can be loosened up by having the little black dress pair with a white shirt which shows off a more relaxed and comfortable look for the rest of the afternoon. For makeup, stays as natural as possible with a tinge of nude glow.

When night finally comes around, a white lace kaftan and a pair of velvet black high heels turns this basic black dress into the perfect elegant look for the evening. Heavier makeup has been applied also, with an emphasis made towards black-blue eyeliner and a darker shade of lipstick. It is wild yet elegant; a look that readies you for a party for the rest of the night!

The Basic White Top


A white top can be paired with denim overalls for school (left), pink shorts for a casual look (middle) or a long black dress in the evening (right). Photo: Hedy Zheng | Model: Mocaty Huang

Another versatile piece is the basic white top. Students can start their day by combining it with cute denim bib shorts and a black double-strapped schoolbag.

With pink high waist shorts and matching neutral makeup (pink shades of eye shadow is a great idea), this look can also be taken to a spot of tea or coffee with friends out and about on a sunny day.

Once night approaches, the basic white top can be adapted once again by pairing it with a long black dress, a gold and black waist belt as well as darkened makeup. Stay classy and stylish at the same time!

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