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Celebrating 25 years of international student life at Trinity College Foundation Studies

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Mon Jul 20 2015


TRINITY College’s Foundation Studies program has provided international students the bridge they need to get into university study for the past 25 years. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Nadia Christie Hidajat, Lunhao Chen and Debbie Thor Yen Ee celebrate 25 years of education at the college.

For the last 25 years, Trinity College’s Foundation Studies program has welcomed more than 15,000 overseas students across 25 different countries.

In 1990, the college’s first intake of international students was made up of 56 students, a small number compared to the many hundreds that now attend the school yearly.

Since it was first introduced, the Foundation Studies at program at Trinity has matured and evolved. Where new classes in Media & Communication now thrive, others like Music History and Computing & Information Management no longer exist.

All these subjects and their respective educators have helped overseas students past and present become more accustomed to the delivery of tertiary education in Australia. Trinity alumni, Jack Lou feels his time at Trinity College “prepared [him] for future study in university”.

In addition to helping students become more acclimated to life as a university student in Australia, the college has also done its best to help students through personal crises and times of turmoil.


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Associate Dean of Trinity College Glen Jennings says the consistency of the faculty’s ability to focus on each student as a whole person is one of the college’s biggest achievements.

Each student at Trinity has had equal opportunity to interact with their teachers while support services like the Student Welfare team at Trinity have helped students, particularly those under the age of 18, with issues relating to accommodation, homesickness, adjustment and other issues that frequently affect international students.

And as much as it is an education institution, Trinity College’s Foundation Studies program is also a community.

Recognising the importance of social interaction for young people, the college has over the years played host to a variety of different student clubs. From clubs for sports like boxing and basketball to lifeskill clubs for cooking, the college has helped many of its students find a place they could feel safe and comfortable in.

Additionally, events such as the college’s Autumn Concert and Spelling Bee Contest have provided students an opportunity to both showcase their talents and help maintain a balanced student lifestyle.

With the growing number of international students attending Trinity each year, we hope the college further maintains its genuine concern for the education and overall wellbeing of individual students for another 25 years.

Happy 25th birthday Trinity College Foundation Studies!

Keep an eye out for Meld Magazine’s upcoming feature on some of Trinity College’s alumni and see where these former students are now!

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