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Trinity College students volunteer and raise money to help improve Cambodian lives

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Fri Jul 17 2015


STUDENTS at Trinity College have raised money and volunteered their time since 2007 to help the impoverished in Cambodia. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Sophia Li Jiayi, Tian Song and Stella Xin Wang have more.

Since 2007, Trinity College students have been making annual trip to Cambodia’s Kandal province to volunteer their time and assist in the renovation of houses and schools.

The trip, led by the College’s Chaplain Chris Carolane, has students painting schools, assisting in the building of houses and wells, and treating locals for head lice.

This year’s batch of students found the experience to be very fulfilling and rewarding.

Before Hugo came to Cambodia, all the Chinese student knew about the trip was that he would gain experience as a volunteer overseas. It wasn’t long before he understood the impact he really had on the lives of the Cambodian people.

“I started to realise that poverty really exists in Cambodia and it is really important to let more people understand the situation,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bruneian student Em said that the trip had been a “life changing experience” for both herself and the families they helped.

Every year, the team raises up to $50,000 AUD, which goes towards providing essential facilities such as floor boards and water pumps. These funds come from a variety of sources including friends, family, churches and donations from individuals and organisations.

One Cambodian student, Tak, was incredibly appreciative of the efforts his fellow students at Trinity had put in.

“As a Cambodian, I want to say thank you [for putting] so much effort [into helping] my country – you are [all] amazing! Orkun cherun (thank you very much, in Cambodian),” Tak said.

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