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Malaysia Festival 2015: Capturing An Era and a Journey of Rediscovery

Nicole Tee

Thu Sep 24 2015


THE annual Malaysia Festival returns to Sydney for its 25th year with an exciting line-up of food, fun and culture. Get a taste of Malaysian diverse cuisine, try your hand at Malaysian traditional games, and try on a traditional Malaysian costume as Nicole Tee dishes out the details.

A collaborative effort from Malaysian students of all the universities in New South Wales, Malaysia Festival 2015 — a huge day long festival out in Sydney’s Pyrmont Bay park — intends to promote and raise awareness of Malaysia’s cultural diversity, and create an experience that resembles life in Malaysia.

Homesick Malaysians or those wishing to indulge in all facets of its culture will be able to do so in a variety of different ways.

If yo’ve never had food from the country or just want to re-engage your tastebuds with a taste of the motherland, authentic foods from Malaysia will be out for all to taste. From Nasi Lemak, to Roti Canai, Malaysia cuisine offers a rich melting pot of flavours definitely leaving your tastebuds tantalised.

In addition to all the food, Malaysia’s ethnic cultures — Malay, Chinese and Indian — will be out in full force at the festival’s cultural village. Here, visitors can get a glimpse of traditional costumes and a myriad of Malaysian arts and crafts. You can also have a hand in congkakand batu seremban, two very famous traditional games of Malaysia.

As for live performances, the festival has attendees covered and presents homegrown Malaysian artists, including the “Queen of Soundtracks” Adira and rock singer Amy Search, live and an in living colour. 

So come along to immerse yourself in a day packed with delectable cuisine and colourful cultural performances!

Malaysia Festival 2015 will be held at Pyrmont Bay Park on the 27th September. Visit the Malaysia Festival’s Official Website to find out more.