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Haunted halls: Urban legends from three Melbourne universities

Deborah Goh

Thu Oct 29 2015


THINK twice about studying on campus late at night because your university could be haunted! Deborah Goh compiles several spooky stories from three universities in Melbourne. 

Every university campus is bound to have its fair share of unchecked rumours and creepy tales amongst the student body. Yet in spite of how outlandish some of these “happened-to-a-friend-of-a-friend stories may sound”, many students and university staff swear by them.

Just in time for Halloween this year, we’ve compiled a list of these spooky urban legends from three universities in Melbourne.

If you study at any of these schools, go ahead and confirm the validity of these tales in your own time… if you dare!

La Trobe University

Old buildings that were part of Mont Park Mental Asylum. Photo: Paul Ebbage via Flickr

Buildings that were part of Mont Park Mental Asylum – They have now been refurbished for La Trobe University’s use. | Photo: Paul Ebbage via Flickr

As the grounds of La Trobe University were once used to house mentally ill patients in the Mont Park Asylum, tales of patients who have never really left are inevitably passed on from one student cohort to the next.

A particularly popular story is that of a music box playing an eerie tune in certain areas of the university.  This is purportedly the music box of a young girl admitted as a patient who was never allowed to play with her toys. Now, after her death, she has the freedom to venture out in the night to do all the playing she was never able to do when she was alive.

And that’s not just it! According to the La Trobe Student Union, there have also been alleged ghost sightings in various parts of the university’s main Bundoora campus. Rumour has it that these ghosts are especially fond of wandering around the corridors of less frequented buildings as well as the third floor of the university’s library, when most students have gone home.

Victoria University 

Located in the heart of Melbourne’s legal precinct, Victoria University’s law building on Queen Street is rumoured to be the home of a mischievous ghost. Security guards have reported hearing doors being slammed close on the building’s third floor despite there being no one in sight.

To add on to the creep factor, a Whirlpool user even mentioned that the building’s lift often takes people up to the third floor regardless of which floor they have chosen. Very. Weird.

RMIT University

RMIT's city campus' close proximity to the Old Melbourne Gaol has prompted the circulation of many unsettling ghost stories amongst its students. Photo: Charlie Brewer via Flickr

RMIT’s city campus’ close proximity to the Old Melbourne Gaol has prompted the circulation of many unsettling ghost stories amongst its students. | Photo: Charlie Brewer via Flickr

Given RMIT’s close proximity to the notorious Old Melbourne Gaol (one of Melbourne’s most haunted locations), it is no wonder that numerous ghost sightings in its buildings have been reported by students and staff members alike.

According to Reddit and YouTube users, it turns out that Buildings 1, 11, 13, 20 and 24 are supposed hotspots for paranormal activity once night falls. Looks like your late night study sessions in these buildings during SWOT-VAC may turn out to be a little more interesting than expected…

True or not, urban legends like these always will be a part of the university experience – they never fail to make for great conversation during student club retreats, residential college icebreaker sessions and camping trips with fellow course mates.

Now it’s your turn to hit the comments section with your own share of urban legends from your university! If you’ve had your own encounter with the supernatural or have heard stories from friends or peers from your own university, we want to hear from you!