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Skater fashion: How you can get the look

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Fri Jan 15 2016


YOU don’t have to be a skater to look as fashionable as those kings and queens of the concrete. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Lucky Wang, Shelly Wang and Shirley Feng show you how you can get the skater look. 

To some it might just look like harmless loitering but for others, seeing skaters hanging about is a chance to get fashion cues from some of Melbourne’s more energetic citizens.

If you’re inspired by skating fashion and would like to know how to tailor your wardrobe to look closer to the skater boys and girls of Melbourne, here’s how.

Skater boys and girls

Skaters typically wear t-shirts, jeans and flat-soled shoes in bright or neutral colours. Comfortable and stylish, their look is meant to be extremely casual. This simple outfit is normally complemented by accessories in the form of a hat, bracelet or a unique belt – something that’s relatively small but enough to stand out and show their personality.

For skater girls, they sometimes can be seen in a tight vest and short pants, making them look sporty and sexy at the same time. That said, some still rock the same look that guys go for with some going so far as to buy items in guy sizes rather than their own.


An essential to most skater’s wardrobe, a pair of Vans shoes are the way to go for anyone looking to change up their wardrobe. The brand has been a staple within the sports field for a long time and remained an iconic part of street fashion culture amongst youths of every generation.

Some people are such big fans of Vans that they even have gone as far as collecting each new variation of the brand’s most popular flat-soled shoes. These include limited edition Star Wars shoes, crossover designs with brands like Supreme and artists like Japan’s Takashi Murakami.


Originating in Irvine, California, Stussy was first embraced by surfers in the 80s but has since moved out onto the concrete as skaters began adopting the brand as their own. The brand has remained popular thanks to the celebrities who’ve rocked Stussy’s clothing over the years, including Chris Brown and Girls’ Generation‘s Seo Hyun.

Stussy is sold in many stores around Melbourne so finding a piece of clothing that suits you from this brand shouldn’t be a problem!

Girl Skateboard 

Established by professional skaters Rick Howard, Mike Carroll and genius filmmaker Spike Jonze (Her, Being John Malkovich) in 1993, one of the reasons why Girl Skateboard is so popular is its general aesthetic. The brand’s style is humorous, relaxing and close to daily life which is perfect for anyone looking to find clothing that’s uncomplicated.

And if you’re looking to actually get into skating yourself, Girl Skateboard have a great selection of gorgeously designed decks for you to grind up the skatepark with.


You’ve probably seen this brand around the block more than once during your studies, and thus may be well aware that the brand Supreme has crept into the wardrobes of many who’ve never done a kick flip in their life.

As one of the most popular skateboard brands in the world, Supreme merges skateboard culture, hip-hop and punk-rock all into one awesome package. Most people like wearing Supreme for its fantastic colours and design, and also dig the brand’s light material too.

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