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The ABC of Student Life workshops to help students settle down in Melbourne

Lunnie Gan

Thu Mar 24 2016


NEW to Melbourne? The Australian Federation of International Students is hosting a series of workshops to help international students get the building blocks of life overseas down pat. Lunnie Gan has more.
AFIS ABC of Student Life

Settling down in a new environment is never easy. You’re now in charge of your own health, social life and financial planning.

Questions newly arrived students often ask include: Where should I go when I’m sick? How much should I’ll be spending? How do I make new friends?

International student organisation AFIS is hosting a series of free workshops called The ABC of Student Life on Wednesday, April 6 at the Multicultural Hub to help answer some of these questions.

The workshops will touch on health management, budget management and social life, including tips on staying healthy, places to go when you’re sick, tools to keep track of your expenses, insights to Australian life and culture, how to deal with homesickness and expand your social networks.

AFIS ABC of student life workshop schedule

The ABC of Student Life will be held on April 6 from 4-6.30pm at the Multicultural Hub, 506 Elizabeth St, Melbourne. The event is free, but do register early to avoid disappointment as spaces are limited.

For more information about the Australian Federation of International Students, visit the AFIS website.