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Falling in love with Melbourne: Three things international students will identify with

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Tue Mar 22 2016

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WHAT makes Melbourne an international students’ home away from home? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Jimmy Chen, Nancy Tang, Raema Nikijuluw find out why so many students coming to Melbourne fall so deeply in love with this city and what it is they’ll miss the most when they leave.

Past the initial stages of adjustment, for many international students, the overwhelming feelings of homesickness soon give way to a sense of wonderment of being in a new city.

And as the weeks and months fly by, new sights and smells become comfortingly familiar, and a sense of home begins to develop.

So much so that the thought of having to leave this city hurts.

What is it that students will miss the most?

1. The food

Melbourne has developed a reputation for being home to the best cafes in the world, but an international students’ obsession with brunch goes beyond a love for good food and good coffee.

Brunch is about friendship – hanging out with your closest friends, sharing stories and finding a moment of relief from the stress of assignments and exams.

Felicia from Malaysia, a student at the University of Melbourne, sees brunch as a quintessential part of Melbourne’s culture. She says it is what she will miss the most, with much fewer options back home.

2. Campus life

Photo: Lotte Wong

Photo: Lotte Wong

With so much time spent at university, it’s no surprise that students will miss life on campus.

It is a time where students have the opportunity to expand their mind and build connections that might last a lifetime.

For 19-year-old Lotte from Hong Kong, Melbourne offered her a different way of learning.

“(Schooling) here is much more relaxed and comfortable compared to Hong Kong,” says the second year University of Melbourne student.

She has also had the opportunity to make friends with people from all around the world, from local students to other international students from Korea, Malaysia and China.

3. The weather

Photo: Nancy Tang

Sunny one minute. Photo: Nancy Tang

Photo: Nancy Tang

Cold, gloomy and windy the next. Photo: Nancy Tang

Where else in the world is one going to experience four seasons in a day?

For Taiwanese student Jeffery, Melbourne’s weather is what he will miss the most. He misses it even during the holidays when he is back home visiting family.

He says Melbourne’s dry climate has also helped him manage his allergies.

“Melbourne is usually dry no matter summer or winter, and that is more suitable for me.” he said.

What is it about Melbourne that you love? What will you miss the most when it’s time to leave? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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