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Indonesian Film Festival 2016

Zoe Law

Wed Apr 06 2016

indonesian film festival 2016

THE Indonesian Film Festival returns to Melbourne this April for an 11th year, showcasing an eclectic mix of arthouse cinema from a corner of the globe known for its striking beauty and rich culture. Zoe Law has more. 

Taking place from April 14 to 24 this year, the Indonesian Film Festival (IFF) 2016 will provide a visual feast for film-goers keen to explore a country known for its striking beauty and rich culture.

Themed “Explore the Wonders of Indonesia”, the festival will be a celebration of Indonesian culture and language, and represents another step in advancing the nation’s film industry in international markets.

IFF 2016 project manager Raditya Widjojo says the quality of the films featured this year is a reflection of the hard work of Indonesian movie makers, actors and actresses, as well as the remarkable progress the Indonesian film industry has made.

Making an appearance at the festival gala’s opening include rising star Tara Basro, as the official 11th IFF brand ambassador, actor Chicco Jerikho from Filosofi Kopi, and cinematographer Satria Kurnianto for Another Trip to the Moon.

Films to look out for in IFF 2016

Filosofi Kopi

Filosofi Kopi (Coffee Philosophy)

The opening film for the film festival, Filosofi Kopi is an intriguing story about soul-searching and making peace with the past through coffee. Adapted from Dee Lestari’s witty best-selling novel, the film was a box office hit in Indonesia.

With his expertise in brewing coffee, Ben successfully wins a billion rupiah, but the perfect coffee also comes at a price. Ben and Jody have no choice but to embark on a journey to find Tiwus Coffee, a cup better than ‘Ben’s perfecto’. As the two venture to their destination they begin to realise that life is like a cup of coffee, where sweetness and bitterness blend into one with warmth.

poster Hijab a4-2


When four friends teamed up to open an online hijab shop, they never expected it would take off the way it did. As the business grows, the businesswomen soon find themselves planning to open a boutique.

But there’s a catch. Bia, Tata, Sari and Anin opened their online hijab shop without their husbands’ knowledge, and problems arise when the husbands learn of the boutique’s success, threatening the dynamics of their respective relationships and home lives.

The Sun, the Moon and the Hurricane The Sun, the Moon and the Hurricane

A tale of a young, Indonesian gay man in search for love and happiness, the journey of Rain is told in three chapters across his life. From finding and losing happiness to watching those around him change and searching for love, the story revolves around the 32-year-old living in Jakarta as he struggles with loneliness and hardship.

Hosted by PPIA Melbourne University, the screenings will take place at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI). For more information about the festival, including the full program, screening times and bookings, visit the Indonesian Film Festival website