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Melbourne Knowledge Week 2016

Clara Ng

Fri Apr 22 2016


MELBOURNE Knowledge Week returns from May 2 to 8, transforming the city into a bustling hub of technology, culture and science. What does it hold for international students? Clara Ng finds out.


Need a break from the stress of university life? Sick of cramming into classrooms for three-hour lab sessions? Come to Melbourne Knowledge Week (MKW) from May 2 and 8, and partake in over 60 activities, workshops and events to get your hands dirty and learn something new by doing it.

What is MKV about? Every society is different. But many modern societies face the same problem – is it possible to fuse the arts and sciences within expanding technological paradigms? And how? We need some creativity. That’s where the Knowledge Week comes in – to spur ideas and encourage dialogue across all disciplines.

Each year, the City of Melbourne partners with leading organisations, groups and individuals, bringing together diverse fields to spur creativity and change. The festival aims to address the challenges and opportunities facing present-day Melbourne – a cosmopolitan hub of science, design and technology on one hand, and a rich arts and cultural trove on the other.

Who should go to MKW? Everyone who wants to get a taste of what Melbourne’s future might have in store. For international students, MKW will provide a better idea of how to navigate this increasingly fluid, evolving society. Whether you’re into biotechnology, bookkeeping or botany, Melbourne offers numerous opportunities for innovation across the globe.

Below are some highlights that might interest you.

The global community of research
May 4 (10.00am – noon) | 1000 Pound Bend (361, Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne)

For many years, Melbourne has welcomed global talent from numerous sectors overseas. This includes international students who comprise more than 30 per cent of PhD enrolments in Victoria. In recognising Melbourne as thriving global research and development hub, ‘The global community of research’ talk aims to address the importance of cross-cultural collaboration within a globalising, fast-paced economy that continually breaks barriers.

Presented by Victorian Lead Scientist Leonie Walsh and a panel of international research students, this talk will certainly be one for big thinkers and researchers.

A China-ready knowledge economy
May 7 (10.00am – 5.00pm) | Henley Club (Level 1, 8 Rankins Lane, Melbourne)

Being a rising economic superpower, China is also Australia’s largest trading partner and an important part of its multicultural society. A changing global dynamic requires fresh ideas, ‘A China-ready knowledge economy’ will guide participants through a Design Thinking Process to come up with potential initiatives surrounding a sustainable relationship with China.

This Hackathon is the inaugural Melbourne event of the China Australia Millennial Project (CAMP), a world-first project uniting top young leaders (aged 18 to 35) from China with their Australian peers for a bilateral business incubator across a broad range of industries.

‘A China-ready knowledge economy’ aims to pave the way for a more meaningful Australia-China partnership by strengthening networks and expanding opportunities for collaboration.

Coworking space open day
May 3 (Various times) | Various locations


Coworking spaces are the trend now. Photo supplied.

Do you work independently, but want the office life? Detest the humdrum work routine of plain old office spaces? Try coworking!

‘Coworking Space Open Day’ on May 3 showcases 20 of Melbourne’s most dynamic work spaces – whether you’re a professional, software developer or media whiz, they’ve got a place for you. It’s a great way for international students to establish a community workspace that shares the same values and is especially useful for rapidly growing startups, as well as creative industries.

‘Coworking Space Open Day’ features the likes of Chantilly Studios Inc, Collective Campus, Electron Workshop and LaunchPad.

Find a map of the coworking locations here.

MKW Festival Hub
May 2 – 6 | 1000 Pound Bend (361 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne)


MKW’s Festival Hub is the heart of the event. Photo supplied.

Featuring diverse activities and experiences, MKW’s Festival Hub functions as an interactive meeting place where coffee meets product development meets virtual reality technology. Whatever you’re after, there’s always something fresh!

Don’t miss out on the virtual reality lounge – which will transport you into other worlds – or the innovation arena, a curated exhibition introducing the latest products of the future. The fun doesn’t stop at night – book online for events hosted by Silicon Beach, Reactive, The Disruptive Business Network and Code Like a Girl, followed by drinks and lively conversation.

Future Focus Forum
May 6 (11.15am – 3.15pm) | Woodward Conference Centre (Level 10. Melbourne Law, 185 Pelham St, Carlton)

Melbourne International Student Conference 2016 - The Future of Work

As part of the Melbourne International Student Conference, the Future Focus Forum gathers local and international students, as well as professionals in the industry and community to talk about pressing issues including global employability, leadership and entrepreneurship. Presented by the City of Melbourne and the Meld Community, the event is free to the public.

Whether you’re a fresh graduate or still in university, this event promises to shed some light on the future of international employment, and how to best approach it as a global citizen.

Melbourne Knowledge Week promises a fusion of fun, future-oriented events and activities of all kinds. Other exciting events to look out for are ‘The Morality of Technology’, ‘Discovery in the Digital Age’ and ‘Human Habits: High Density’.

For more information about Melbourne Knowledge Week, head over to its official event page at the City of Melbourne’s website