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The Weekender: May 13 – 15

Meld Magazine

Thu May 12 2016


FIGHTING game fans, environmentally conscientious beings, beer lovers and Eurovision enthusiasts will all have something to do this weekend! Find out what’s on between May 13 and 15.

Battle Arena Melbourne 8
Friday, May 13 – Sunday, May 15 (Various times) | CQ Functions (113 Queen St, Melbourne)


Want to say what high-level competitive gaming looks like? Battle Arena Melbourne 8 is just the place to go to this weekend for those that love games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and so much more.

The three day gaming event will host tournaments for the above titles as well as fighting game favourites Tekken 7, Guilty Gear, Dead or Alive and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Winners of the tournament will recieve a cash prize and is also considered a  Capcom Pro Tour Ranking Event, which means competitors can earn recognised points to qualify for the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals held in South Korea.

If you’re a casual who just wants to watch and not participate, there will also be many free-play set ups for those looking to brush up on their fighting game skills or just simply there to make new friends in the fighting game community.

Entry to Battle Arena Melbourne is $50 with an extra $10 for those that want to participate in tournament play.

For more information bout Battle Arena Melbourne, visit the gaming competition’s official website.

Victorian Trade Fair Festival 2016
Tuesday, May 10 – Saturday, May 28 (Various times) | Library at the Dock (107 – 117 Victoria Harbour Promenade, Docklands)

If you’re conscientious about the environment, head down to Library at the Dock this weekend and partiicpate in the Victorian Trade Fair Festival to learn how you can lead a sustainable lifestyle.

This Saturday, to coincide with World Fairtrade Day, the festival will officially launch with a free workshop by artist Suzy Yek who will show to visitors what leading  healthy and sustainable lifestyle can look like.

The Down Cycle, Up-cycle or Recycle event will also change the way you think about clothing. A sewing station will be set up with exercises that hope to demonstrate amateur and beginner sewers how easy it can be to transform or bring back to life clothing that would have spent the rest of its life on a rack in some thrift store.

For more information about Victorian Trade Fair Festival 2016, visit the event’s official website.

Good Beer Week 2016
Friday. May 13 – Sunday, May 22 (Various times) | Various locations

Beer. Beer. More Beer. Photo: Bernt Rostad via flickr

Beer. Beer. More Beer. Photo: Bernt Rostad via Flickr

It’s no secret that Australians love their beer so to understand a little bit more about Aussies and their infatuation with the grog, there’s no better place to start than by attending some of the events held throughout Good Beer Week.

Touting itself as Australia’s preeminent beer event, more than 270 beer-related events will be held all across Melbourne (even in the suburbs and in parts of Victoria).

For those who want to sample some of Victoria’s finest brews alongside a good ol’ parma, there’s the Handcrafted Victorian Beer for Handcrafted Parmas event happening at Mrs Parmas on Little Bourke St. If you think beer culture is dominated by men, think again — Girl Power: Women and Beer will introduce you to the great female brewers of Victoria. And if you want something a little more American, Brooklyn Brewery will be taking over The Beer & Burger Bar in Richmond, providing their American-style beers and coupling them with burgers and chips all for $25.

For more information about Good Beer Week 2016, visit the event’s official website.

Eurovision 2016 at Cinema Nova
Sunday, May 15 (6.30pm) | Cinema Nova (380 Lygon St, Carlton)

Are you looking forward to the wonderful craziness that is Eurovision 2016? While it will be televised, why not make a night of it and head down to Cinema Nova in Carlton on Sunday and party it up with a bunch of other people?

The Grand Final of the competition will be screened live in a cinema screen and enthusiastic supporters will be able to win prizes on the night as well.

If you’re from any of the countries participating in the Eurovision competition, join in the fun by dressing up for the event and participating in the Eurovision Fashion Parade. Or if your knowledge of Eurovision is vast, put it to the test by taking part in the Euro-Nerd Quiz.

For more information about Eurovision 2016 at Cinema Nova, visit the cinema’s official website.