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Humans of Trinity College: What foundation studies students think of Melbourne and hope to achieve at uni

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Wed Jun 29 2016


HOW much do you really know about your fellow international students? Praneeta, Zuo Maoting and Lydia Li talk to some of the international students of Trinity College to get a sense of who they are, what they like or dislike about Melbourne, and what their aspirations are.


Francisca Castela, 17, Portugal

I wish to pursue medicine at the University of Melbourne. Doing medicine has been my dream since I was three years old. I chose to come to Melbourne as it had been listed as the world’s most liveable city five years in a row. It was my mother’s dream to come here to pursue her studies but she didn’t have the opportunity to do so, so she wanted to give me the chance to live out her dream.

I love the fact that Melbourne, particularly Trinity College, is filled with people from all over the world. My favourite thing to do here is to explore the city; some of my favourite places are the museum, National Gallery and St Kilda’s beach.


Kevaja Panjaitan, 20, Indonesia

I wish to study commerce and finance at the University of Melbourne. I want to pursue this line of work mainly for the money. I came to Melbourne because my father really wanted me to attend the University of Melbourne.

One of the things I really like about Melbourne is the exciting night life. However, something I don’t really like about living here is the fact that shops close really early unlike back home. Some of my favourite things to do here include trying different cafes for brunch and going bar-hopping.


Zain Malik, 19, Pakistan

I want to pursue physics at the University of Melbourne and feel that physics is the basis of how the world works. I ended up coming to Melbourne by fluke because I was actually supposed to go to Canada. However, I do not regret coming here instead.

One thing I love about Melbourne is the way the people here are so open and free when it comes to expressing themselves. Walking down the street, you can see the most outlandish characters yet they seem so at home here. The cold weather is something I’m still getting used to. My favourite thing to do here is to explore parks and experience as much of the culture as I can.


Balamurugan, 19, Malaysia

I want to pursue a Bachelor of Design at the University of Melbourne; I think it will be easier to get a job later on. My father owns an engineering firm back home, so I want to continue on in that line of work.

I chose to come to Melbourne because my older brother studied here, and so my parents are familiar with the place and are more comfortable sending me here. I have also been here many times on holiday and really liked the city. The music scene here is awesome! There are lots of music festivals happening almost every other weekend. However, I really do not like the extreme weather here.

In my free time, I like to experience the night life here.


Jessica Zhang, 21, China

I wish to study psychology at the University of Melbourne; I find the way the brain works is really fascinating. Nothing is better than having an understanding of the most complex part of the human body! I came to Melbourne because I like the weather here. The food is good and it is famous for having really good cafes. I also like the fact that it is multicultural, and everybody is considered equal here. I also like the nightlife and the people in Melbourne are very polite and friendly.

One thing I do not like about Melbourne however is the train system at night as there are fewer trains going from the city to the suburbs, and the waiting time is very long. I like going to the parks here because they are very peaceful and the cafes here have very good coffee, often served at the perfect temperature, which is amazing!

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