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The best internet cafes in Melbourne that do more than just online games

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Fri Jul 08 2016


WHAT are some of the best internet cafes in Melbourne and why should students make more use of them? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Kai Lin and Elaine Huang list their recommended internet cafes and investigate. 

Internet cafe culture isn’t as big in Melbourne as it is in parts of Asia but for some international students, these familiar locales can help students cope, adjust and potentially get work done during their studies abroad — it’s almost like a second home for them.

More than just sites for students to go and play games, some students use internet cafes as a means of effectively releasing social or study-related pressure.

To help students find the perfect internet cafe, we’ve selected three in the city that offer a different pressure-relieving advantage to international students.

N2C Internet Cafe
200 Bourke St, Melbourne

N2C Internet Cafe is located in Chinatown and has been a popular choice amongst international students for a long time, given its cheap and reasonable prices.

International student Branco says he really appreciates N2C and thinks the site can be useful to other students like him who need to relieve themselves of pressure and stress induced either from study or social disconnect.

He does, however, take into account his budget and though he does enjoy spending time at N2C, is mindful of how much time he should be spending there.

3/261 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne

Sniper is conveniently located near Melbourne Central and is a quiet internet cafe equipped with great advanced hardware and equipment.

Sniper is an ideal place for gamers looking to play with their friends locally but also for students looking to potentially meet new people and connect.

One student we spoke to, Santish, also says he likes Sniper because it’s a nice place for him to go to when he needs to kill time or whenever he feels a bit bored.

Little Bourke St, Melbourne

Traditionally, internet cafes are a way for students to get together and play several rounds of PC games. Because of this, they’re also something of a social hub too.

GT, another Chinatown-based internet cafe, reinforces this idea of an internet cafe as being the ultimate social hub for gamers and geeks with its public spaces and discussion rooms.

A Chinese computing student we spoke to says he enjoys coming into GT because it allows him to discuss and argue over relevant IT issues with his friends.

Given its welcoming atmosphere, these spaces are designed for students to do more than just sit and play games — it gets them to chat offline too!

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