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Neglecting health for study? Understand how a daily intake of vitamins can help students

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Fri Jul 08 2016


NOT getting your daily intake of the right vitamins? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Liyuan Chen, Xin Yang and Qian Wang speak to fellow classmates and their school nurse to understand the benefits of using health care products.

One thing that many students, international or domestic, often forget to maintain is the condition of their health. Sure, having three meals a day might help and can be a good start for students who feel a bit lethargic but there’s a lot more that can go into maintaining a quality way of living.

Chinese international student Cheryl Wu said that her three meals a day are usually enough to keep her going throughout the day but overall they lack nutritional value.

For her, having the essential nutrients is important as a “lack of nutrition may lead to [halted] growth”.

Seeing this imbalance between staying energetic and maintaining good health, Cheryl sought a solution: quality Australian vitamins.

Cheryl isn’t alone too; she and other students are also using vitamins to get the daily nutritional intake they need in order to improve their health.

Cate Charles, Trinity College’s school nurse, also recommends that students consider the use of health products like vitamin tablets if they aren’t getting the essential foods they need, like fruits or vegetables.

Students worried about ingesting vitamin tablets and other health products need not worry however.

Ms Charles explained that vitamins B and C are water soluble, meaning they are naturally flushed out when you need to go to the toilet. Meanwhile, vitamins A, D and E are considered fat soluble, meaning they are stored in the body for long periods of time.

Over-ingesting vitamins, particularly multi-vitamins, however was not advised.

Of course, the best way to maintain one’s health is still by eating well and exercising regularly. Students will have their reasons for wanting to use health care products but that traditional ethos of proper food and exercise still holds true so don’t lose sight of that even when you’re taking multi-vitamins to improve your health!

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