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Ways students can kill time if they have long gaps in between classes

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Tue Jul 19 2016


GOT a long gap between classes? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Hosoo Wang, Tiffney Lu and Chloe Guo suggest ways that students can kill time in between classes.

Picture this: every Wednesday you have a two hour gap between your first class in the morning and your second class in the afternoon. All your friends are busy going to their classes and won’t have time to accompany you in your two hours of nothing. What’s there to do?

If this scenario sounds like you, don’t stress; most students will know what it’s like to have a ridiculously long gap between classes. Some students can’t even stand just having a half hour gap in between classes!

So for those with gaps in between class, here are some ways that students can effectively kill time.

30 minute gap

Half hour gaps in between classes aren’t so bad; they give you enough time to catch a breather and perhaps even get some coffee to recharge your batteries for your next class. Why not go the extra mile and grab some dessert or a sweet snack too? With Melbourne’s cafe culture, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a place with decent coffee and food near your campus.

For Trinity College students in particular, Brother Dough, a cafe which located right downstairs across from the EPA Building that students have classes in, is a solid choice — they even heat your lunch for free!

One hour gap

With a longer one hour gap, there’s definitely more options available to students. The more diligent ones can choose to study at their campus library or somewhere quiet if they want to get some work done before their next class. Others may even want to just take a nice hour long power nap.

Other ways that students may want to spend a one-hour break in between classes is by doing a bit of window shopping. Students fortunate enough to study in the city can do plenty of that and may even lose track of time doing so at shopping centres like Melbourne Central or Emporium.

Maybe you want to go to Lygon St instead to admire some of the beautiful Italian-styled botiques and shopfronts along the strip. Or maybe you want to take a tram up to Flinders St Station and admire the sights along there, like the Yarra River. Head up a bit further and you’ll find the National Gallery of Victoria too which is a good place to spend an hour in before your next class.

Two hour gap

Photo: sarah-ji via Flickr

Photo: sarah-ji via Flickr

If you’ve got money to burn, instead of window shopping why not just do some actual shopping? A two hour break would be more than enough to get all the shopping you want done!

Rather not spend so much money? Head on down to Bourke St for some busking. Grab a coffee, park yourself somewhere and just enjoy the music coming through.

Alternatively, why not see a movie? Watch something you normally wouldn’t at your local cinema if the time lines up nicely within your school schedule. Or if you have films of your own on your computer, find somewhere comfortable where you can watch it.

And if you’d rather be a little more active and fit, spend those two hours working out. The gym at Melbourne University, for example, has an affordable entry rate for those who want to work up a sweat before their next class.


Do you agree with some of these methods of killing time? What do you like to do in between classes? What’s the longest break you’ve ever had and how did you spend that time? Let us know in the comments below!

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