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CPA Australia Industry Talk and Tour offers students chance to network and pick up useful employability tips and tricks

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Mon Aug 22 2016


THIS September, Meld Community is partnering with CPA Australia to offer students seeking a career in accounting, business and finance the opportunity to learn how to be proactive in their professional development as a student, tour the CPA Australia office and network with staff. 


If you’re a business, finance or accounting student then you will no doubt have come across CPA Australia in your studies.

As one of the world’s largest accounting bodies, CPA Australia does all it can to support those who want a career built on professional accounting skills. This includes educating, training, technical support and advocacy for its members.

The CPA itself, or Certified Practising Accountants, is what gives you the specific qualification necessary to be internationally recognised as a professional in the field.

As part of Meld Community’s FREE Industry Talk and Tour series, we are pleased to be working with CPA Australia and invite students in the accounting, business and finance fields to hear from the professionals, pick up useful employability tips and tricks, and learn more about the industry they wish to grow into.

The CPA Australia Industry Talk and Tour will take place on Friday, September 2 at 3.30pm at its offices in Southbank (Level 20, 28 Freshwater Place, Southbank).

What can you expect on the day?

  • A chance to tour CPA Australia’s office
  • An opportunity to hear from CPA Australia staff
  • Employability tips and tricks
  • Networking time with CPA Australia staff

To register your interest for the CPA Australia Industry Talk and Tour, sign up below. It’s free!

To learn more about CPA Australia, please visit its official website. And if you want to find out when Meld will be hosting more Industry Talk and Tour opportunities, sign up to our free e-newsletter distributed every Friday, or like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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