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FTW: The Boy and the Beast + A Letter to Momo

Samantha Chew

Fri Aug 05 2016


A lover of animated movies? Stand a chance to win Blu-ray copies of A Letter to Momo and The Boy and the Beast to be entranced by the beautiful art and storytelling. Samantha Chew explains.


Want to take a break from the mundane and watch some really good animated movies? A Letter to Momo and The Boy and the Beast are both highly acclaimed and up for grabs so this is your chance to snatch up a Blu-ray copy to enjoy the films in HD!

The Boy and the Beast follows in the footsteps of director Mamoru Hosoda’s other works such as Summer Wars and Wolf Children with familiar themes of family ingrained into the plot.

The movie unravels a story of how a lost boy meets a beast by fated coincidence and both are given a chance at learning and growing from each other. The boy, Kyuta slips into an alternate universe or spirit world and agrees to become the disciple of a speaking bear named Kumatetsu, a master at martial arts. By living together, they face trials and tribulations that eventually become milestones in their relationship. Beautifully animated and skilfully executed, The Boy and the Beast is an incredibly heartfelt and visually stimulating watch.

A Letter to Momo similarly is centred around a child – a little girl named Momo who recently moved to a rural and remote Japanese island. Momo finds an unfinished letter written by her deceased father that is addressed to her and while clinging onto this letter, she starts having bizarre experiences, especially when her mother leaves for work during the day.

Soon she discovers that the ‘youkai‘, Japanese monsters, do exist and they are more connected to the letter than she thinks. Directed by Hiroyuki Okiura, the animation is hand-drawn with striking details and gives you a look into Japanese culture. Also heartfelt, both these movies may leave you with tears.

Thanks to Madman Entertainment, Meld Magazine will be giving readers a chance to win both films A Letter to Momo and The Boy and the Beast on Blu-ray.  We have two sets to give away. To win, simply enter our Rafflecopter competition below. Competition closes August 19. 

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