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SEXtember 2016: It’s all a matter of perspective

Hieu Chau

Thu Sep 01 2016


SEXTEMBER is back and this year we’re aiming to broaden international students’ perspectives on sex, gender and identity. Find out how you can contribute your own stories and what you can expect from this year’s campaign!


Since its humble beginnings in 2012, Meld Magazine’s annual SEXtember campaign has provided international students with a safe online space to learn and access useful information about sex, relationships, gender and identity.

Last year, we took the campaign one step further and focused a lot of our attention on stories about LGBTIQ communities. These included stories demonstrating the importance of queer advocacy, what the coming out experience was like for international students in Eastern and Western cultures and communicating the transgendered international student experience.

This year, we intend to work around yet another theme: perspectives.

Why is sexual assault on campus on the rise? Why are people made to feel ashamed about their kinks and fetishes? And what factors cause people to stay quiet about sex?

In an attempt to answer these questions and more, this year’s SEXtember campaign is not only aimed at understanding some of the societal, cultural and personal influences that create an international students’ attitude toward sex, gender and identity but is also about broadening their perspectives on these issues too.

Only with a wider appreciation and knowledge of these issues can we, as a community and society, collectively assist in creating a more welcoming and sex-positive environment for future students to develop into and that’s what this year’s campaign in particular is all about.

For those who want to send in stories about their experiences – but want to remain anonymous – send your submission to Meld Magazine’s editor, Hieu Chau at

We look forward to hearing from you!