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How you can get the most out of your next karaoke session

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Mon Feb 20 2017


Always wanted to be the star at karaoke but find yourself instead falling short? While you won’t be able to auto-tune yourself during karaoke, you can certainly get away with feeling like a rockstar by following these simple tips and tricks to really get the most out of your next wild karaoke session.

Step 1: Soothe the throat

Prepare some lozenges or any other type of lolly to help soothe and protect your throat. Remember also to drink warm water to keep your throat in top condition (warm water is especially beneficial if you are planning to sing a long time).

Step 2: Pick the tunes you know best

Going to the karaoke means spending a lot of time browsing through the list of available songs you can sing. To avoid being overwhelmed by your choices, a great rule of thumb is to pick three specific songs you know you can kill it at. Your first song choice could be one that suits your singing range, your second song could be a pop hit for everyone to sing along to (regardless of range or how well you can sing it) and your third could be a slow ballad, something to help you wind down from belting those high-energy tracks.

Step 3: Make use of your environment

Although your selection of songs should be curated to your singing abilities, you should also consider the room you’re in as well. If you are in a large room, upbeat songs would be a better choice, giving you a means to sing loudly without any limitations. A smaller room on the other hand would mean a choice of soft, soothing songs to avoid bursting the eardrums of everyone around you.

Step 4: Practice, practice, practice

Be confident and brush up on your singing skills beforehand. As with any other activity, practice is key. Before diving into your song choices, warm up with a fun, simple song that extends your throat and breathing to prepare for the songs to come.

Extend the last syllable of a word when the opportunity presents itself to give off a more professional and powerful finish. To achieve the loud voice you need for karaoke, remember to take deep breaths, don’t be shy about opening your mouth wide and sing from your diaphragm.

Most importantly, be confident in yourself and have a good time — karaoke is meant for entertainment and not a talent showcase!


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