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New community development initiative offers students chance to volunteer and gain meaningful work experience

Meld Magazine

Mon Feb 06 2017

Volunteer meld community

Supported by the City of Melbourne through a community grant, Project Engage, Relate, Empower is a year-long campaign designed to help international students build healthy community, explore and find peer-support on issues around identity and gender, discuss common struggles and stereotypes, and gain the confidence to navigate current and future relationships.

The campaign will be delivered across three phases:

  1. Engage: Making friends and building community
  2. Relate: Exploring identity, gender and stereotypes
  3. Empower: Decision-making and taking positive action

Student volunteers taking part in this project will be involved in both online and face-to-face engagement with the international student community, and supporting Meld Community in the planning and delivery of events including a speed-friending session, a relationships forum and board game night.

Students across all disciplines are welcome to apply, but the opportunity is also suitable for students seeking to undertake a formal internship/work placement through their education institution.

To apply, please send a cover letter telling us a little bit about yourself and how you can contribute to the project, together with a copy of your CV to

The closing date for applications is February 16. Shortlisted applicants will be notified by February 17, with in-person/Skype interviews taking place between February 20-24.