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Prevent work exploitation with new app, ‘Record My Hours’

Tam Tran

Thu Mar 23 2017


The Fair Work Ombudsman has released a new app that aims to tackle the ongoing underpayment and exploitation of young and migrant workers in Australia.

The ‘Record My Hours’ app does just that – it helps users keep track of the time they spend at work through the use of geofencing technology to register when they arrive at work and when they leave.

Users will be prompted to confirm their hours at the end of each shift and can also choose to record their hours manually. All data will remain private, and can only be shared if the users decide to do so. In the event that a dispute arises from data shared by users, the Fair Work Ombudsman will interrogate the app data and the employer’s record.

The app also includes other beneficial features, such as importing rosters, work-related notifications and reminders to user’s phones so that late starts and absenteeism could be reduced.

‘Record my Hours’ will also benefit companies and business owners who do not have the resources to install automated time-recording systems. Specifically, it can help employers keep track of their staff’s rosters, especially for those in retail and hospitality industries where staff might be required to work irregular hours.

Workers from migrant backgrounds are encouraged to download the app, which is currently available in 12 different languages.

Fair Work Ombudsman Natalie James acknowledged that “young and migrant workers are particularly vulnerable to being short-changed because they are often not fully aware of their workplace rights and can be reluctant to complain”.

Ms James further added that “downloading the app [would] not cost a cent”.

“[It] could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars if you are concerned that you are not being paid your correct entitlements.”