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4 unique cafés you can find in Melbourne

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Thu Mar 16 2017


No longer are people looking for spots just with delicious food. In this aesthetics-driven day and age, more and more people are looking for unique experiences in all aspects of their everyday lives; even for necessary activities like eating.

So if you’re after something different from your food and drinks experience, we’ve got four Melbourne cafés that offer plenty in the way of novelty.

20 Guildford Lane, Melbourne

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Born from the remnants of an old warehouse, Krimper holds its industrial past close to its heart. The tables and chairs are made of old timber obtained from the original warehouse, and the centre piece of Krimper, the single dining booth, was created using a 100-year-old car lift also found on site. The warm-lit setting and the exposed brick walls further ensure that visitors feel nice and cosy as soon as they step through those big wooden doors.

The café itself is huge, with plenty of room for you and your friends, and the hospitality and service here is exceptional. Krimper serves very high quality coffee, along with a delicious fusion of French and Japanese food. Beautifully presented, the dishes are definitely worth taking a few snapshots of before you dig in.

Cat Café
30 Guildford Lane, Melbourne

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Less than a minute down from Krimper, Melbourne’s first Cat Café provides visitors the opportunity to play, pat and relax with tons of rescued cats.

There are around 15 cats that roam the two-storey café, and their many beds and countless toys can be seen scattered across the floor. The cafe’s menu is limited, serving coffee, tea, bottled drinks and cake, but the creative concept of having adorable cats vying for your attention more than makes up for it.

However, unlike other cafes, the Cat Café has an entry free of $12 for an hour, and pre-booking a spot is essential. This can be done either online on their website or over the phone. But whether or not you are crazy over cats, we can guarantee you won’t regret visiting the Cat Café!

One Piece
266 Whitehorse Rd, Balwyn

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One Piece is one of the most beloved Japanese animated series in the world. The love that its fans have for the show is special, so much so that some fans have even dedicated an entire café in its name.

One Piece, or One Plus Piece, isn’t just where you can go to for coffee though. The eatery is known for its amazing burgers, especially their black bun burgers. The Balwyn shopfront also sells a variety of milkshakes and other dishes based on One Piece references.

So for all you anime and or burger lovers, this is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat!

Ponyfish Island
Southbank Pedestrian Bridge, Southgate

Ponyfish Island is a modern floating cafe, bar and restaurant; a paragon of Melbourne’s quirky café scene.

Located right under the Southbank Pedestrian Bridge, it is completely surrounded by water and can only be accessed through stairs descending from above. The décor of recycled timber and wooden boxes filled with assorted exotic flora fall perfectly in line with their theme. Ponyfish Island’s menu changes seasonally, but they do have crowd favourites like nachos and sharing platters all year round.

So drop by for a drink or a spot of dinner at sunset perhaps, where you can rest your gaze on the gorgeous Melbourne city skyline, with the great Yarra River running resolutely alongside it.


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