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Thu May 25 2017


As Meld continues to grow alongside the ever increasing number of international students coming to study here in Australia, we want to be able to ensure that all international students continue to be well-represented and that they feel their voices matter during their overseas study in Australia. And with so many international students and graduates enrolling in higher education, VET, ELICOS and more, we need you to let us know what and how we can better serve the international student community.

In addition to giving international students a platform to voice their concerns, have issues reflected fairly in the media as well as celebrate the outstanding efforts and achievements of international students in the community, Meld has also over the years held numerous events for international students, new graduates and alumni.

So here we are, reaching out to you, the international student community. We want to be able to be better and we want you to have your say in how we can do better.

To help us create more meaningful community events and stories for you, please take the time to fill out our quick ten-minute survey. We welcome all feedback that students and graduates may have and encourage you to be completely honest with your answers.

Once complete, survey participants will be entered into a lucky draw with a chance of winning one of three Coles gift cards valued at $20!

Help us create a better future for international students today!