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The Weekender: May 5 – 7

Mihika Hegde

Thu May 04 2017


Friday, May 5 (7.30pm – 10.30pm) | Gasometer Hotel (484 Smith St, Collingwood)

Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) will have crowds on their feet with their current showcase of curated performances. Featuring a diverse line-up of artists and musicians, this event is set to impress with its exploration of the traditions of people from all across the world. Expect anything from Indian classical music, Afro-beat infused hip hop to Samoan Choirs, and Blues Singers.

Multi-futurism draws upon the annually commemorated ‘Re-mastered Myths and Visible music programs’, (courtesy of MAV) with a resolve to shatter stereotypes in favour of a curiosity for what lies beyond the familiar.

For a night of nights, with something for just about everyone, this event boasts an artistry in bridging the gap between the old and new, mainstream and alternative, and improvised and scripted content.

Broaden your horizons and book your tickets for this must see showcase on the Gasometer Hotel website.

Mission Songs Project – The Palm Island Strike of 1957
Sunday, May 7 (11.00am – 3.00pm) | Melbourne Town Hall (Corner of Swanston and Collins St, Melbourne)

In June 1957, seven men initiated a strike for human rights on Palm Island, off the coast of North Queensland. Until the 1960s, workers were required to work 30 hours per week without pay. The protest launched after Indigenous inmate, Albie Geia disobeyed a European overseer, for which the punishment was deportation.

The eventuating strike continued for five days, only to be disbanded by dawn raids. Seven families were banished from the island for demanding work rights; an event that received a commemorative ceremony from the Queensland Government in 2007.

The Mission Songs Project now acknowledges the seminal conflict with an initiative to research and strengthen Indigenous folk songs from the 20th century. Expect a musical exposé tracing the steps of those in missions, settlements, and reserves across Australia.

Artists performing on the evening include:

  • Joe Geia (Gugu Yimithirr/Kaurareg)
  • Jessie Lloyd (Gugu Yimithirr/Kaurareg)
  • Emma Donovan (Gumbainggir/Danggali & Naaguji/Yamitji)
  • Deline Briscoe (Gugu Yalanji)
  • Jessica Hitchcock (Saibai)
  • Clint Bracknell (Noongar)

For more information, visit the Yirramboi – First Nations Arts Festival’s official website.

Fiesta Malaysia
Saturday May 6 (11.00am — 5.30pm) | Federation Square (Swanston Street and Flinders Street)

Bringing you a highly anticipated event, Malaysian Students’ Council of Australia presents Fiesta Malaysia – a journey into the food, culture, and entertainment that sets the country apart.

With a glowing track record, the festival has previously taken well with locals, attracting crowds of 44,000 curious visitors just last year. 

This year, the Fiesta aims to “bring Malaysia to you” in an immersive experience that will take you through the sights, sounds, and delectable smells of local living. Expect a diverse range of edibles and performance that showcases the rich fabric of the country’s history.

Take a friend, or a family member because this event is open to all ages, and makes for the perfect way to cap off your Saturday.

For more information, head to Fiesta Malaysia’s Facebook page.

Friday May 5 (8.00pm – 10.30pm) | Darwin Arts and Entertainment Centre (Corner Bell St and St Georges Road, Preston South)

Embrace the unknown, unseen, and unheard with this trip into the world of of whimsy. Directed by Diana Burleigh, this musical fantasy is a classic fairies versus mortals expose.

The story tells the tale of immortal Iolanthe, conflicted by her love for a human. Banished for her forbidden love, the performance parallels class conflict, with a dash of satire to make this event something out of the ordinary.

Let yourself go with this suspenseful, captivating and enthralling narrative that’s sure to take you back to your childhood.

To find out more information or book tickets, head to their website.