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Meld presents ‘Business Etiquette Skills Masterclass’

Yasmin Khushairi

Mon Aug 21 2017


One of the keys to being successful at your career is knowing how to conduct yourself in the company of others. Proper etiquette helps to ensure you build further professional relationships but it isn’t always taught at school.

If you’re a student or a working professional who needs a boost in confidence when you’re conducting business and networking, then our Business Etiquette Skills Masterclass’ is the event for you.

At our Masterclass, you’ll learn the principles of good etiquette and discover how to use them in different situations. The masterclass will be conducted by Cecellia Telkes, Etiquette Mentor for Melba Opera Trust, whose vast experience in cross cultural diversity and international etiquette has led to opportunities coaching staff at several companies and government agencies around the world. She has also coached at universities in Australia and Singapore.

Cecellia will take you through this half-day class and show you the ropes on how to make yourself more presentable and powerful with the correct etiquette techniques and skills. Event attendees can expect the following from the masterclass:

  • Understanding perceptions and how you’re perceived
  • Learning the difference between protocol and ettiquette and learning to apply them in social and business situations
  • Using international diplomatic protocol
  • Learning how to properly introduce yourself to guests and peers
  • Useful tips for confident networking, including pointers on memorable handshakes and body language

This is a golden opportunity that you won’t want to miss out on, especially if you want to get ahead in your future or current career! 

The Business Etiquette Skills Masterclass will take place on Saturday, August 26 from 10.00am – 1.30pm at 240 Little Collins St. Tickets are currently on sale for $70 and can be purchased using the widget below.

For more information on the masterclass, please visit the Eventbrite page.