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Uni Life Film Festival: Tell your story and win $500!

Emmelyn Vincent

Thu Aug 17 2017


In university, we study different degrees, hang out with different people, find different aspects of it challenging, and different elements of it the most fun. Each of our unique journeys provide greater insight to the complexities and joys of studying in university. And Creativa wants to hear these stories!

If you’re a budding filmmaker who has led an interesting life at university, or know someone with one, you can now enter your short film into the Uni Life Film Festival, a national film festival hosted by Melbourne video production company and animation studio Creativa. The theme of the festival is “The Journey” – Creativa hopes this will inspire students, international and domestic alike, to tell stories that matter to today’s university student.

The festival aims to showcase the diverse stories that make up Australia’s multicultural society and is exclusive to students of any age and any discipline. It won’t matter if you’re studying filmmaking, law, science, psychology or health sciences — Creativa wants genuine stories that matter.

The winner video of the festival will be awarded $500. Their video will also be posted on social media channels.

Submitted films must be under ten minutes long and need to be formatted as an ‘.mp4’ file. A YouTube link to the film is also acceptable. All films need to be produced by currently enrolled students and can take any form — animation, music, experimental or narrative. All films must also have appropriate clearances from actors/talent featured and for any music used.

Submissions to the Uni Life Film Festival are currently open until September 1, 2017 so get cracking! Winners will be notified on September 20.

For more details about the competition, visit Creativa’s website.