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Riding the red wave: Apps that help manage your period

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Mon Sep 04 2017


While it’s a necessary biological function of the female human body, periods do suck.

Keeping track of cycle dates and symptoms is troublesome and can lead to overwhelming periods that you’re unprepared for. Painkillers and birth control may help but there are many other ways to prevent and reduce annoying symptoms too! Using technology to help may not have crossed your mind but since there is an app for everything these days, we’ve found some to help you ride the red wave.

These period apps help you understand and keep track of your monthly cycles. In doing so, you can take care of your body in preparation and present the data when needed to your doctor.


Clue is one of the most thorough period tracking apps available.

In addition to information around your cycle length and fertility periods, Clue also allows users to input details around one’s birth control type, thus ensuring an experience tailored for just for you.

Clue will also remind you of future periods and PMS symptoms that may occur. The app can do this once you’ve started giving it information about what symptoms normally occur for you and the lengths of your periods.

Other user reviews for the app say that the prediction of periods for them is accurate and the analyses are professional.

Period Diary

Period Diary is a popular app as its user interface is both easy to use and incredibly cute! This app is simpler and more user-friendly than Clue. It uses emojis to record your temperature, appearance, and diet so that it is easier to record changes during your period.

An additional feature is the ability to connect with other females who have similar experiences as you do! Link up to give or seek advice to girls all over the world — you’re sure to not feel alone during your period!

Period Tracker

This app is similar to Clue with all its detailed functions. With Period Tracker you will also be able to change the theme, input period information as well as PMS symptoms.

Where it shines, however, is how it effectively combines the functions of Clue with the connectivity of Period Diary. With this app, you are able to link up to ‘groups’ of people who talk about anything to do with their periods. This may involve health, trying to conceive, cravings, feminine hygiene and much more.

If you want to get specific information about your period and brace yourself for incoming PMS symptoms, these are the apps for you.

By understanding your period and following different health style tips (such as those provided by Tampax), you may not dread that time of the month anymore!

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