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A glance at the Trinity College Ultimate Frisbee Club

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Mon Nov 20 2017


Ashraf Sharil is great at Ultimate Frisbee. At just 16 years old, the young Trinity College Foundation Student has played the sport since he was 12 back in his home of Malaysia and he hasn’t looked back. Soccer, basketball, tennis? Not for Ashraf.

When Ashraf came to Melbourne, he wanted to bring his love of Ultimate Frisbee with him. Unsure whether his school, Trinity College Foundation Studies, had its own Ultimate Frisbee group, Ashraf sought to make a club for his beloved sport. Fortunately for him, one of the school’s teachers had already established one; all Ashraf had to do was tag along and do what he loved.

Ashraf is just one of many students in the school’s Ultimate Frisbee Club, a fun student group that meets regularly to play the sport on the grass pitch of Melbourne University’s Bullpadock.

Students looking for alternative means of staying fit and having fun can look to ultimate frisbee to help them stay fit and make friends. The all-in-one activity works out a student’s entire body, gets their blood pumping and most importantly, provides great fun!

The sport is most similar to gridiron or American football – replace a leathery ball with that of a disc! Throw the disc from one teammate to another and make your way to the end-zone without dropping the disk. Rounding up a gang of seven or so on each side will no doubt ensure you’ve got a good game ahead of you!

There is absolutely no sense of commitment or any pre-requisites necessary to join the club. The Ultimate Frisbee Club at TCFS encourages students of all ages and capabilities to try the sport and step outside their comfort zone. When we tried the sport out, it was deceptively exhausting but also very fun! Within the span of half an hour, we made eight new friends through the experience!

Students who find that they really love the sport can take it one step further by forming their own team and competing in future tournaments through the club too.

So the next time you have the urge to work your legs after sitting in a classroom all day, consider taking up Ultimate Frisbee! Join the Ultimate Frisbee Club today, challenge yourself and meet new people through this energetic sport!

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