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Daytrips Out of the City: The best getaway spots in summer

Nicole Wong

Wed Dec 06 2017


Are you bored out of your mind thinking of what to do for the rest of your semester break? Maybe you need somewhere to visit, a place to take a break away from the scorching Aussie heat?

If you need a break from the sights of Melbourne but want something that won’t be overcrowded by tourists then look no further! These awesome weekend getaway spots are the perfect excuse you need to make a road trip for this summer.

Bushrangers Bay

Photo: Flo Dahm via Pexels

Take a break from the heat of the city and lay low with some swimming and chilling at Bushrangers Bay. Situated in Flinders, Victoria, Bushrangers Bay is one of the most gorgeous nature preserves that Victoria has to offer.

Driving there would be ideal as public transportation options are limited given how secluded it is (fortunately, the drive is only an hour-long from the city).

The rock pools of Bushrangers Bay can be reached by hiking or walking. With hiking, it will take a longer time to reach the bay, so if that doesn’t sound appealing, you could just walk to the bay. The rock pools around are so clear that you’ll be able to see the surface underneath but be careful; although it looks very shallow, it is in fact very deep. So don’t jump in right away! Take your time to explore and determine the depths of the water.

Another thing to keep in mind are the sharp rocks around the rock pools, so be careful if you are going to walk around barefoot.

Squeaky Beach

Say what? A beach that squeaks? Yes, that’s right – Squeaky Beach is literally that! The silky soft white sand here squeaks with every step you take.

Coupled with the gorgeous blue sea water contrasting against white sand, Squeaky Beach is a sight you would not want to miss this summer! Have a stroll along the beach or explore the maze-like granite at the northern end of the beach — these are just a few options of what you can do there.

While there mightn’t be a lot of tourists at Squeaky Beach, it is still a popular place location to visit for many – especially during summer – so do plan ahead for the journey before you go.

Squeaky Beach is a three hour drive away from the city, so be prepared for a long car ride with tonnes of playlists and snacks to get through the long hours.

MacKenzie Falls

Photo: Travellers Travel Photobook via Flickr

‘Don’t go chasing waterfalls.’

You can’t chase waterfalls but you sure can go visit it. MacKenzie Falls is located at Grampians, which is approximately a three hour drive from the city.

It is one of the largest waterfalls in Victoria and flows all year round. An ideal place for having a picnic or just to appreciate the gorgeous view of nature, so be sure to add the falls to your to-go list for one of the summer days.