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12 things you should have in your carry-on while traveling

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Mon Feb 26 2018


We do a lot of traveling as international students but sometimes knowing what to pack for the flight to and from home can be a bit puzzling. How does one best prepare for a flight? What are the absolute must-haves that every student should bring with them in their carry-on?

Make the most out of your trip with these essentials to make your next flight an enjoyable experience!

1. Neck pillow

Airlines usually offer a neck pillow to passengers but they might not always feel comfortable so always make sure to bring along your own! If you don’t have one on you or forget to bring yours, don’t worry – every airport should have a store that stocks one! Nothing worse than not being able to sleep on a 10-hour flight!

2. Eye mask

Don’t be bothered by cabin lights when you’re trying to sleep! If the passenger sitting next to you is doing some light reading or using their personal light to look for something, grab yourself a mask for your eyes so you can get to sleep a lot easier.

3. Jacket and socks

Keep yourself warm! You might be coming from or landing in a country that’s warm but up in the air, temperatures will inevitably drop. Avoid shivering or getting a cold in the air and come prepared with a jacket and pair of socks to keep your body warm!

4. Phone cord & power bank

You’ll probably already have your charger with you to use at the airport but when you’re in the air, sockets aren’t easy to come by. A fully charged power bank will at least help give your phone or tablet some extra life so you can keep staying entertained for the remainder of your trip.

5. Eye drops

If you have problems with your eyes, make sure to bring eye drops with you! Keep them from becoming dry and irritable!

6. Chewing gum

You know that weird sensation you get when your hearing becomes a little muffled as a result of a plane taking off? This can be protected by having a pack of chewing gum on you! Aside from this, having chewing gum can be handy also after an on-flight meal.

7. Toiletries

Personal hygiene is important for everyone! Don’t want dry skin? Bring along some sanitiser. Afraid you’ll a get a runny nose? Bring along a travel-sized pack of tissues. Other things you can bring along include deodorant, a chapstick or even hair ties for those of us with long hair.

8. Pen

Although Australia is beginning to phase out physical deceleration forms, other countries may need you to fill in a document before you enter the country. To that end, having a pen on-board can be handy.

9. Folder for documents

International students might need to carry more documents than the usual tourist so make sure you keep all your necessary paperwork in a good folder.

10. Personal supplements

If you have some health problems, make sure to bring all the personal supplements!

11. Preferred entertainment device

Whether its your phone, laptop or tablet, we all should have at least one additional screen on us to keep entertained. There’s only so much in-flight entertainment can do so create your own. Just make sure you pre-load your devices with enough entertainment and charge your devices too!

12. Earphones

Don’t disturb other passengers and keep things to yourself. Listen to music, movies, television shows, podcasts or whatever your entertainment of choice is through a set of headphones or earphones!

13. Passport

Always double-check, NO, triple-check to see if your passport is on you. No passport no entry!

For a better idea as to what some of these items might look like when you put them in a carry, or if you’re worried these things might not fit, here’s proof that all these items can fit nice and snug  (plus you can sneak in an extra snack inside when you’re not feeling in-flight food!).

Photo: Iggy Licup

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