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Photographing Melbourne: Which photos of the city should you be showing off?

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Wed Feb 21 2018


People love taking photos of beautiful scenery and international students are no different, especially when they want to show off the kind of city they’re in to their friends and family back home. And consider this: if your family does come down to visit you while you’re on semester break, where will you take them so that they can capture their memories of Melbourne the same way you have?

We’ve provided a list of the best places in Melbourne that’s sure to make your Instagram followers jealous of your Melbourne adventures!

Hosier Lane

Melbourne’s laneways are packed with many gems and secrets but few are as artistically striking as Melbourne’s famous graffiti alley, Hosier Lane. Located across from Federation Square, the lane is best known for its incredible street art which can change quite frequently. What you’ll see today might not be the same tomorrow – further incentive that taking a picture at Hosier Lane may give you something more exclusive!

Just be prepared to take photos with many others as well. Given its reputation, this laneway has become a hotbed for tourists and other international visitors so you won’t be alone!

The Royal Botanic Gardens

A short walk away from Hosier Lane is the city’s famous Royal Botanic Gardens, a place where visual resplendence is taken up a notch thanks to the large number of rare plants and endemic Australian native plants that live here.

At an impressive 40-hectares, this garden is one of the best-designed in the world. It is divided into several sections – which include an oak garden, tea garden, Chinese garden and more – and, again, is a popular site for tourists to visit. An ideal place for the family, we reckon this place is an absolute must-visit if you want to show off the vibrant colours of Melbourne.

St Kilda

If you’re wishing to travel away from the city, the next best place to show off is St Kilda. With places such as Luna Park and St Kilda Beach to snap, anyone can look like a professional photographer when the sun goes down over the coastline. Watch as the entire beach becomes golden as that happens!

Other than the gorgeous photo ops this famous Melbourne suburb can offer, it’s also got a lot of amazing places to eat and drink too! After all, taking photos of your food is just as important as showing off the coastline or the city skyline! We recommend the Republica St Kilda for good food, good vibes and a great view.

Which other locales would you recommend for some amazing photos? Where else in Melbourne perfectly captures the city? Is there a place where you can take the best photos of the city? Let us know!

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