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New to Melbourne: These fresh international students share their goals with us

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Tue Feb 13 2018


As a new semester approaches, so too do the large number of international students coming (or in some cases, returning) to Melbourne. These students arrive in Australia with dreams and ambition. They come with a desire to succeed, to discover who they really are and along the way, realise their purpose.

How they get to that destination is ultimately in their hands but most come with an infectious and unwavering optimism.

Looking towards the future, Singaporean international student, Josephine, revealed to us her goal of passing Foundation Studies and moving straight into her desired course of landscape design. Speaking with confidence, Josephine chose Australia to study for its cutting-edge education and atmosphere.

“Melbourne is well-known for its landscape design which is exactly what I want to major in University,” she said.

Having only been in Melbourne for a short time so far, she says that she wants to continue learning more about the city and its people. “My life should not only be filled with study but also hanging out with friends and having fun.”

Malaysian student Ian meanwhile hopes that he is able to maintain harmony in his life.

“I want a balance between money and family. Sometimes people sacrifice a lot to be rich, but if you don’t balance it properly, you will lose your family and you won’t be actual happy,” Ian said.

Despite being a first-year international student in Foundation Studies, Ian came to Melbourne with ambition and has his goals set.

“I will get into Melbourne University and then get a good job. Don’t waste my parents money you know,” the confident Ian said.

Chinese international student Lily also echoed the goals of Josephine and Ian. She too hoped to do well in her foundation year so that she could go on to study in university and enjoy all that campus life at university had to offer.

“I would like to work harder, meet new friends and also maintain the old relationship. I am not much worry about finding a job yet.”

Although her sights are firmly set on a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Melbourne, Lily knows she’ll need to shake off some of her own habits to succeed.

“Sometimes I am lazy and dislike study, even though I know I have to do so,” she says. “I am really stubborn, but if I have a goal I will try my best to achieve it.”

We wish these students all the best with the new school year and hope they, along with everyone else, are able to meet the goals and expectations they’ve set for themselves this year and in the future. We all come to study in search for bigger and better things, so here’s to a great 2018 for all new international students!

What are your expectations and hopes for 2018? What do you wish to achieve this year, and beyond? Let us know in the comments!

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