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Be You – Be Scene: Act out your frustrations through storytelling

Samantha Chew

Fri Aug 17 2018


Already feeling down at the start of a new semester? International students may feel especially affected in areas such as employability, isolation, relationships and much more. While relating to self-deprecating memes on the internet is one outlet, there are other healthier ways.

For those who have an interest in performing arts, the Be You, Be Scene (Stories at the heart of change) workshops are a perfect outlet for students to come together and voice out their frustrations, concerns, and experiences through the art of storytelling and theatre.

These free workshops will be hosted at Monash College and are presented by ISANA and Study Melbourne in an effort to help international students explore and express issues impacting their lives. Running every Wednesday, the workshops also include free food and students can drop by anytime from 5.30pm – 8.00pm.

Students stand to gain and develop skills in producing and connecting with others by creating scenes about issues prevalent in their communities which will then be linked, promoted and presented to external stakeholders. Thus, not only will you have a true show stopping experience, students will also be advocates in their own right in telling others about the issues that matter.

Be You Be Scene project has since been completed from June 2019. But keep up with their Facebook and Instagram or contact Feifei at to ask about their next project