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Meld Hits Home Run Again: the 2018 Excellence in International Student Experience

Meld Magazine

Fri Nov 09 2018


The Meld Magazine team is honoured to once again receive the Excellence in International Student Experience Award, assuring us that we are on the right path.

Heading towards the decade milestone, this year has been one of change and celebration. Being recognised for the passion we have for the international student community has warmed our hearts.

Meld Community and the larger Meld organisation was given a chance to honour the hard work and dedication that goes into providing a better international student experience characterised by community engagement, with this award presented by Study Melbourne.

In addition to sharing our communities stories, Meld is proud to bring together our annual Melbourne International Student Conference (MISC). Our team worked tirelessly to deliver an engaging conference in hopes of providing international students with a sense of belonging. MISC was also designed to help students move forward in their respective fields.

Standing next to us were other award winners comprising of education providers, businesses, not-for-profits and international students that contribute significantly to the Australian community. Their body of work is truly inspiring – Meld is proud to be amongst this impressive group.

Of course, all our achievements would not have been possible without the help and support of those who have been a part of our decade-long journey; our photographers, videographers, writers, thinkers and media minds.

At Meld, we believe in lasting outcomes for each project. At times, these outcomes are hard to measure or see, but we are always quietly supporting both new and veteran international students from all cultural backgrounds.

To the founding members who lacked the same support we hold now, you are the quiet heroes who we hope to make proud. You looked past the many obstacles to provide a platform for the voices you felt unheard. There is no greater sacrifice.

Thank you to the volunteers who despite their own study priorities, come and offer their time to our cause.

We have laughed and cried over the years with you because that is what a family does. With one story at a time, Meld has evolved into a network of passionate individuals.

We would like to express our utmost gratitude to the readers and followers who have been with us and give substance to the work we do. We hope that moving forward, we grow alongside this community, improving the lives of international students in Australia together.

Have you been a part of the Meld journey? Share your stories and memorable moments, or a word of encouragement with us in the comments section below!