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Morning Miso – The Food Series

Emily Hua

Thu Aug 13 2020

Miso Soup

Our amazing contributor Emily has given us that one trick morning soup for this icy winter. So if you feel a hail/or a chill breeze is coming, you’ll be ready – Meld team.

Sometimesthere are ingredients in your fridge that literally make no sense and the hardest part is trying to make them harmonise. I’m probably upsetting a whole lot of miso enthusiasts with this recipe, for that I am truly sorry. This soup is hearty, clean and is a good way of utilising almost any forgotten veg. I am following some essential rules however, there are root vegetables, a softer-leafier green and fermented soybean paste (obviously!). For those of us who aren’t at the dashi-level yet (myself included), use dried mushrooms.

Maybe I’m not that sorry after all. 

Feeds one cold belly


  • One tbsp of any miso paste (easily obtainable at any asian grocery)  
  • Soy sauce to taste 
  • Spring onions 
  • Sesame seeds (optional)
  • Sesame oil (optional) 
  • One egg yolk (optional)
  • Any root vegetables (broccoli and frozen lotus root)
  • Ginger (a few thick slices for broth) 


  1. Start your broth by bringing water to a boil in a small pot. Add your root vegetables, daikon/white radish would be preferable but carrots, broccoli even cabbage would be fine, plus any funky frozen things (edamame/lotus roots etc.) and dried or fresh asian mushrooms – leave for ten minutes or until all vegetables are soft. 
  2. Cut your spring onions very thin vertically and run it under cold water a few times until they curl – set aside. 
  3. Add soy sauce to your broth to taste (start with half a tablespoon and add more if you desire), and one heaped tablespoon of miso using your chopsticks to slowly mix it into your soup. 
  4. If you have seaweed or baby spinach feel free to add this towards the end. Plop in one egg yolk and immediately take off heat. 
  5. Spoon into a bowl garnishing with curly spring onions, sesame oil and seeds. 

This piece and images were contributed by ex-Meld journalist and our very dear friend Emily Hua. Stay tuned for more recipes and good attempts from her and others in the team. Be sure to tag your creation to our Instagram to be featured in our page.