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Meridian colleges close, students anxious and frightened

INTERNATIONAL students unable to graduate following the closure of the Meridian schools remain in limbo and are anxious, frightened and extremely upset, says Australian international student lobby group AFIS.

iDEF (Review)

THE recent International Digital Entertianment Festival promised three shows for the price of one – an eGames expo, a digital lifestyle show featuring the latest gizmos, and a skills and career expo. Meld’s tech reporter Shawn Low finds out if it was worth the hype.

9 (Review)

SHANE Acker’s latest animated fantasy 9 promises to transport you from the realities of the exam hall into a heartwarming adventure where a band of miniature warriors discover they are the last hope for humanity.

Rate your uni

THE creators of the Good Universities Guide have launched another website, where students can independently assess their university’s performance, and give future students a low-down on what they can really expect.

World university rankings 2009

MELBOURNE University and Monash University are among the eight Australian universities to make it to the world’s top-100 universities list. Find out how your university fared.

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